How To Grow Your Hair Out

Now my hair is long and curly, but it wasn’t even four years ago that I had a super short pixie cut. If you are a long time reader, you might remember that short-hair phase that lasted nearly 5 years. Often in the midst of that super short-haired phase I would decide it was time to grow it out. That would last 6 months, or maybe even 9 months, and then I would grow tired of the growing out process and chop it all off again. Finally I decided, enough was enough and so when I moved back to the Midwest from Boston I decided it was time to take growing my hair out seriously.


My hair grows fast. Really fast at times. Based on the fact I need to color my roots every 3-4 weeks, I estimate my hair grows about an inch every three months. Considering I went from a really short pixie cut in the fall of 2012 to the mid-back length I have now with about 10 haircuts in between, I’d say that’s a pretty accurate estimation.

Still, it’s been a process, but one that has been totally worth it in the long run. I won’t lie, there have been times I have been tempted to lob it all off again. There have been moments in which I saw a really cute short hair cut and have the urge to mimic it. But overall the long hair is something I plan on keeping for the foreseeable future.



How To Grow Your Hair Out:

hair-growthCommit to it. You need to really want this. You need to especially remember you want this on the bad hair days, the awkward hair days, the days that shorter hair seems better, cuter, smarter. Commit to growing it out.

Get inspired. When I decided to grow my hair out I started a Pinterest board (Hairy Situation) with some of my favorite haircuts. I made sure to pin a couple ‘dream’ looks for when my hair actually got long. But I also pinned ways to style shorter looks, haircuts that were good for the in between, often awkward lengths. I pinned products that I loved, formal hairstyles for the events I needed to attend. I got inspired and when the urge to cut my hair grew stronger, I would check out the inspiration board and remember why I was determined to grow it out in the long run.

Treat your hair right. Your hair can be healthy or sick. The healthier it is the better it grows and the better it looks. I cut out all the harsh shampoos that can leave hair brittle, especially at the ends. I amped up my conditioning routine so that my hair was moisture filled and healthy. I used a hair dryer, flat iron, and other hair tools only rarely in order to further protect my hair. I didn’t sleep with it in a ponytail. As the old adage tells us, healthier hair grows better so treat it right. (I use the Curly Girl Method for cleansing and conditioning.)

Schedule trims regularly. During the serious growing out phase I would get my hair trimmed every 6 months. I made sure to communicate to my stylist that I was in the midst of a growing-out phase and I wanted it cleaned up, the bad ends gone, but as much length maintained as possible. She always did a great job of helping me out with this so that I never felt like I lost ground on the length.

Be healthy. As with so many parts of our body, the healthier we are as a whole, the better we grow and recover and rejuvenate. In the last two years I started paying more attention to the amount of water I drank daily and the hours of sleep I got. I cut out the sugars and processed foods and went with more natural, healthy alternatives. I started taking vitamins, and some people suggested Biotin as a hair-growing vitamin, although I never went there. I know this worked because not only did my hair grow more quickly but also my nails got stronger and my face became clearer. Win-win.

Style your hair daily. To really stick to your hair growing plan you need to love your hair at all points. There are many points that are awkward in the stages of growing out your hair, but if you take the time to style your hair daily, instead of just throwing it up in a ponytail and hoping eventually it will be long enough that you love it. I’ve found that if I took the time to style it, I liked even the weird stages or at least they were less disappointing and disheartening. Take the time – it’s worth it.

Be patient. Remember all good things come to those who wait. So, wait it out. Protect your hair, treat your body right and take advantage of the process to grow in patience. It certainly is a long-suffering process.

So, are you taking the plunge? Will you work at growing your hair out? Three years and I’m so happy with the results. Now it’s all about figuring out how much longer I’m going to let it get.

Do you have your own tips on how to grow your hair out?

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13 thoughts on “How To Grow Your Hair Out

  1. Monica

    That first six months is the worst isn’t it? Just getting it over the ears…I’m so jealous of your long hair. Mine is sooo fine. I get it to the shoulders and that’s it!

  2. Logan

    My hair is pretty long right now, but I would love for it to be a little bit longer. I think eating the right foods and just being patient are the keys to doing it! Great tips!

  3. Eloise

    when I was young my mom talked me into cutting my hair short (which I will never do again!) but the process of growing it out was long and at times the length made it awkward looking, but I got through it : ) that’s the great thing about hair, it grows back! I should’ve went to a salon to periodically get it styled and trimmed to help with those weird lengths, like you mentioned… good tips!
    Now my mother wants to grow her hair out, she’s said that for awhile and keeps cutting it short over and over… I will have to pass this post to her!

  4. Stephanie Manley

    Your hair is beautiful! The “be patient” part is the hard one for me especially on bad hair days. I personally will not be growing my hair long but I have several friends that will love these wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Jennifer B

    I’ve had long hair pretty much all of my life. Some days it drives me crazy so I just throw it into a bun and go. I totally agree with really choosing to commit to it and not give up if you want to grow it out.

  6. Deborah

    I have a pixie cut now, and am not sure I love it. The best thing about it is that I have to fix it everyday…no pony tail to fall back on.

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