Gift Guide for the Gym Obsessed Person in Your Life

We all have one gym-obsessed person in our lives. You know the one… she’s always trying to get you to sign up for ‘fun-runs’ that sound more like death than any fun you’re used to. She challenges you on MapMyRun but you always cringe when your distances are shorter and your times are longer. Ha. I’ve got one of these in my life. She’s awesome, but she’s a freaking Ironman (not even kidding) but she’s obsessed.


Well, even the gym-obsessed among us need great Christmas gifts. Here’s my gift guide for the fitness minded person in your life, you know the one you’re always trying to get out of the gym, while they work equally hard to get you in one.

Class Up The Step-Counter

One of my biggest pet peeves with all those sporty, step-counters is how bulky and cumbersome they are. Fine when at the gym or out on a walk, but at your formal party or cocktail hour, the colorful plastic piece around the wrist needs to go. Luckily, there are now fashionable options that will still store the essential chip to keep counting all your steps. I’m loving the Tory Burch options, which come as a simple gold or silver band, or as a wrapping leather strap.

A giftcard to REI

I think we can all admit that Black Friday has gotten hella out of hand. Some companies are taking matters into their own hands, including (and perhaps most prominently) REI, which is CLOSING it’s doors on Black Friday. The store won’t be open, instead it is encouraging people to #OptOutside. Forget the long lines and the stores sales and the annoyed sales associates. Take time to explore nature. Your gym rat, might already be part of the movement, what better way to support the company than to give a giftcard? Just don’t plan on getting it on Black Friday.

A Spotify Subscription

Of all the online music subscriptions, Spotify is by far my favorite. Listen to almost any song you want, at any time with no commercials for $10 a month. Not a bad deal. You get all the latest albums (although if you are a T. Swift fan you won’t get any of her stuff her because she’s turned up her nose to this concept) and a bunch of old classics too. You can make your own playlists, subscribe to playlists made by others, or just listen to one artists entire repertoire. And you can make it so that your playlists are available offline, meaning there is no need to worry about the pesky, hard-to-connect-to gym wireless¬† Pretty awesome.

Get Graphic

Yes, graphic tees are all the range pretty much everywhere, but especially when it comes to gym wear. If you’re gym rat is hitting it hard every day she is going through a lot of clothing in any one given week. Set her up with some awesome, and often hilarious gym tees and tanks to give her motivation and a laugh too. Personally, I’m loving the Chin Up tank and tee collection.

Add a Little Magic

If your gym-friendly friend spends so much time working on her fitness, she probably also all about the protein shakes, the fruit-rich smoothies, etc… The Magic Bullet makes the creation of fruit smoothies and protein shakes a hundred times easier. You can get an entire kit complete with multiple cups, so several smoothies can be made at one time, as well as a recipe book.

Go Wireless

One of the things that drives me crazy at the gym are all the wires and cords needed to connect you to your smartphone. I need music to workout to (aka to distract me) but I hate fighting with the cords. That’s why I’m wireless now (using the Plantronics Fit Backbeat Headphones), your gym friend could be too. These are easy to wear and can connect to your smartphone from a distance that doesn’t demand you keep it strapped to you. I leave my phone in my bag while lifting or in the cupholder while running and don’t have any problem connecting.

Make it a Group Project

Sure, the gym is great, but sometimes we need to get out and see other people. Sign your gym buddy up for a local running club and pay the first couple month’s, or first year’s dues to get them motivated to run with others. You can find all sorts of running clubs and other fitness-related meet-ups online, but try starting with the Road Runners Club of America.


Have other ideas for the fitness freaks in your life? Would love to hear your suggestions in the comments. Looking to become the friend who is obsessed with getting in her daily workout? Check out my post on Fitness Essentials.

Katy Rose
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