Stay Focused – First Habit of the Highly Effective Blogger

As promised, here is the first article on the series detailing my take on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers. You can check out the full list here and then check back every Sunday for a new detailed article on a specific habit.

The First Habit of a Highly Effective Blogger…. Stay Focused

I realize this might sound a little strange coming from me… the girl who blogs about food, fitness, fashion, travel and blogging. BUT this is a lifestyle blog, which means I get to write about the things that matter most to me. And there are things that I do not blog about. There are a lot of things I don’t blog about – online gaming, casinos, award shows, celebrities, politics, current events, etc…


What it looks like when you are an unfocused blogger:

  • No single niche or topic of interest.
  • Blog about anything and everything while not truly being an expert in anything.
  • Lack voice and a vision for the blog.
  • Cannot say no to an opportunity, takes on everything and anything that comes your way.
  • Stretches self too thin by trying to write about everything, attempting to attend every event, struggling to be active on every social media site, etc…
  • BASICALLY: You are all over the map!

What it looks like when you are a focused blogger:

  • Has a niche or topic that all posts revolve around.
  • Remains single-minded on the topic.
  • Graciously says no to opportunities that might be great (monetarily or otherwise) but don’t fit in to that niche field.
  • Prioritizes blogging extras – knows when it is important to attend an event, knows what social media to utilize and what to ignore for the moment.

How to become a focused blogger…

I fully admit, this is not an overnight thing. For many of us bloggers, it is a constant struggle to stay true to the voice and vision. There are many times in the past when I went with something that I thought was trendy or an absolute must in blogging. I’ve randomly covered celebrity fashion. I was tempted to post a casino guest post because the company was willing to pay a lot of money. It takes time.

The key is to always go back and ask yourself, “Does this content work with the entire mission of my blog? Is it a clear representation of what I write about and how I want my blog to be perceived?” If the answer is no, then simply walk away. If the answer is a maybe it’s probably best to also walk away, although there may be times when you can find a way to bring the content around to being in your vision and niche.

Prioritizing is also really important. I know a lot of new bloggers who jump in feet first, create a social media account on every platform, have great plans to blog daily and market the hell out of each post. After a month or two, or even six, they are burned out and their great blog has been abandoned out of sheer blogger burn-out. It’s okay not to have a Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, Ello, etc… account. Pick the ones you are best at, the ones you enjoy the most and focus on those! (But more on marketing later in this series!)

Most importantly, we’re always learning. So learn as you go. Learn from your failures and your successes so that the next post is always better than the previous one.

Katy Rose

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