Hydrating with a Little Dasani Flavor Infusion 

This is a sponsored post. I received compensation in order to share my honest opinion about Dasani Drops. #dasanidrops #dasanisparkling

One of the things I’m always focused on and trying to improve is my daily water intake. With cardio-intense workouts and my migraine-prone head, hydration is key to health and wellness. And then, of course, there is the amazing thing water does for your skin too. At school I’m constantly working at refilling my water bottle between classes, with the goal of at least three refills per day.

But I’ll admit that sometimes water is so blah and boring in taste I feel like I can’t take another sip. And that’s where a little flavor infusion comes in. Over the years I’ve tried a number of products – powders, sugary concoctions, vitamin-infused water, etc – and while each has its high points, the ones I’m reaching for these days are the Dasani Drops Infusions. I keep one of these picket-sized bottles in my desk drawer and one in my purse for on-the-go flavor needs.

Dasani, which happens to be my favorite bottled water too, makes these drops in a variety of flavors. You can go with my favorite – the strawberry and basil – or the fresh lime. The line also includes cherry pomegranate, grape, pink lemonade, strawberry kiwi, pineapple coconut, and mixed berry. And unlike other flavor enhancers these are clear, so you don’t feel like you’re ingesting unnatural dyes.

Not a fan of the drops? Dasani also makes a line of sparkling flavored water. I’m not the biggest fan of sparkling water but I can say the black cherry flavor was amazing!

Even better than all of this, Dasani Drops can be purchased at Target, a fav of mine, and using the Target Cartwheel app. Honestly I’m such a sucker for all those store apps.

Katy Rose

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  1. Rust

    I recently discovered these. Love the flavor and they’re perfect for my purse to use in my water bottle.

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