Five Ways to Style Denim Jacket Sleeves


As Spring rolls in I find myself reaching more and more for my denim jacket as a layering item. It’s easy to wear, easy to clean, and easy to style. It can add a bit of structure to the top of an otherwise shapeless look. It can neutralize a look that has a lot of color or bold patterns. And yes, at times it can look a little hillybilly-esque.

To me, the key to the denim jacket is finding various ways to wear the item. Yes, you can just slip it on and run out the door. But I’m not talking about the different ways you can combine it with wardrobe items. I’m talking about the number of ways you can twist, turn and shape the sleeves to give a different look to the same jacket. Here are my five favorite ways to style my denim jacket sleeves.

Five Ways to Style Denim Jacket Sleeves


Straight – Nothing to style. Nothing to do. Just slip the jacket on, maybe pop the collar a little and head out!


Cuffed – Basic and easy style. Simply unbutton the cuff and fold it over once. It gives a kind of French cuff look without the need for cufflinks.


Rolled Cuffs – Probably my favorite way to wear the sleeves on a jacket. This might have something to do with the fact that sleeves are often too short on my long arms and this helps hide the issue. Just fold the cuff over and then fold again to hide the cuff entirely.


Scrunched Sleeves – Button the cuff closed and then fold the cuff in half to create a mini French cuff. Then pull the sleeve up till it is firmly in place on your upper forearm.


Half-Sleeve Fold – My second favorite way to wear a denim jacket. Just pull the cuff up all the way to your shoulder (or as high as it will go) and then fold the cuff down. This gives a little more casual look to any outfit and is also great for days that are a little warmer.

So, what does this look like when applied to an actual outfit and not just a white t-shirt? Below are a couple recent outfit pics that combine a denim jacket and a sleeve fold:





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    1. katyrose Post author

      I have such long arms, that usually when I leave the sleeves alone they look weird. I’ve been forced to get creative with the sleeves so they don’t look awkward.

  1. Carmen

    haha, I know what you mean.. I used to love my ex’s smell when I borrowed his scrfas and he borrowed mine.. haha. actually, the past few days I’ve been living in my father o-neck wool sweater. I think i’ll remain in it for the rest of the year (probably until april next year.. haha)

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