How I Use the Curly Girl Method – one year later


I’ve spent almost a year not washing my hair. No, I’m not working on creating some awesome dreads. I’m focused and committed to the Curly Girl Method. In short, the method is meant to care for curls through the correct choice of cleansing, conditioning and drying products/items.

Since I color my hair frequently and was also in the habit of straightening it with a very hot flat iron my hair was damaged and looking gross. As I continued to grow it out from my pixie days I realized I needed to implement a routine that would allow me to repair my damaged hair and let me curls breath.

Almost a year into the process and I can honestly say that I my hair looks healthier than ever, even with all the coloring treatments.


How I Cleanse My Hair:

  • Shampoo infrequently. I tried going entirely without any kind of shampoo and found that my scalp is too oily for that to be the case. When I need to cleanse my hair I apply a small amount of shampoo to my finger tips and then massage it through from my hairline towards the crown. I concentrate on the scalp area and NEVER shampoo the rest of my hair. (This probably happens 2-4 times a month, depending on how active I am at the gym, etc…)
  • Condition. I switch up my conditioners but I always apply a large amount to my left palm and then dip my right fingertips in. Then, starting at about the middle of my head, I gently comb the conditioner in using a downward motion. Once the conditioner is applied liberally to the bottom half of my hair, I massage it into the top portion. I let the conditioner stay in my hair for 3-5 minutes before lightly rinsing it out.
  • Re-condition. Just before the end of my shower I add my conditioner to the bottom half of my hair and leave it in. I might also add a leave-in conditioner once I’m out of the shower or go right to the styling.
  • Scrunch. I ditched the towels, brushes and combs years ago – before I even knew about this method. Instead, I’ve found my hair curls best when it is allowed to air-dry from it’s wettest state after leaving the shower. I’ll use a 100% cotton t-shirt to scrunch my hair in an upward motion to remove some of the excess water, apply the gel in the same upward scrunching motion and then let it be.
  • Coloring. I also did away with the all-over color treatments. I used to get a box of dye and spread it all over my hair. UGH. So bad. To get away from this I got my hair colored once, with highlights at a salon and then asked my stylist what the best way was to maintain the color without damaging my locks. She suggested a professional at-home color and told me to ONLY touch up my roots when needed. So every 4-6 weeks I’ll touch up the roots without coloring any other part. I then get highlights added every 6 months, or so, in order to maintain the color and make sure everything blends together seamlessly.

My sister who has really curly hair, started this method around the same time I did and she hasn’t shampooed her hair at all since she started. Her hair looks amazing!

Stay tuned for a second Curly Girl Method post on the products I use.

Katy Rose
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  1. Kit

    I’ve actually started using a method similar to this, except I have to shampoo my hair otherwise it looks super greasy. I use Argan Magic shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, and styling creme. It’s a “no-poo,” so it doesn’t lather at all, but the whole system has made my hair look AMAZING!

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