What I’ve Already Learned about Being a Teacher


My classroom before I started cleaning, organizing and purging.

The students don’t arrive until Monday and yet I feel like I have already learned so much about being a teacher. It’s astounding to me the amount of things you take for granted when you are on the student-side of learning. Being in front of the desks instead of in them has opened me eyes and made me respect and love all the teachers I’ve had over the years.

What I’ve Already Learned about Being a Teacher:

  • Curriculum Maps are an amazing way to see your semester at a glance and man do they take brainpower to put together. It’s like one big puzzle where some pieces could potentially go in multiple spots along the way.
  • Lesson plans are a practice in practical application and creativity. Forget straight lecturing. Putting together a plan for each class period involves a lot more than an outline to speak from. (What a difference form my high school teachers who always just straight lectured each and every day.)
  • Weeding through and keeping or pitching the things left behind by previous teachers, in some cases many previous teachers, gives peace of mind. (Goodwill got three boxes full of reference books after I finished organizing.)
  • Decorating a classroom is a fun diversion from lesson plans, but also so crucial to enjoying the time spent inside the room. I hope my students love the vibrant green bulletin board I painted, the plants my mother added and the quotes that now adorn the walls.
  • Writing a cohesive, intelligent, in-depth syllabus for each class takes a lot of work and forethought.
  • Guarding my favorite pens and dry-erase markers is essential. (LOL No but seriously. Shhh… I’m hiding mine behind the huge fern.)
  • Those wall decal quotes really don’t stick to brick walls, just like the packaging says. (The morning after I walked in to find almost every letter scattered on the ground or lost in the depths of my fern. Still can’t find the missing letter A anywhere.)
  • It could just be the school I’m teaching at, but the other teachers are so accommodating, so willing to help, so ready to lend a hand or a piece of advice. It’s such a relief knowing there are many people here ready to help.
  • Getting to school early to work is so much more productive than trying to stay late.

My classroom today – still a work in progress but getting there.

Katy Rose
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