What I Love

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I’m not one to get all sappy for this holiday. I’m not dressed in pink or red, although my nails are painted a nice shade of pink called ‘Cherry Cherry Bang Bang,’ I’m not indulging in Dove chocolates or conversation hearts, but there is something about today that has me focusing on all the good things I’m surrounded with… all the things I love.


Some of the biggest things I’m loving now….

I love my family. Together we are one crazy, eclectic, fun-loving group of people. As the oldest it’s so much fun for me to watch my siblings mature and come into their own; finding and following their own path. It’s now three times as much fun to sit around the dinner table talking, laughing and debating. It’s exciting to see the family continue to grow with new little ones.

I love my friends. While I don’t live near most of my friends, it is so great to know we are only a snail mail, or text message away. I love those little social media updates that allow us to stay close and connected.

I love my faith. It’s not something I talk about a lot on the blog, but my faith means the world to me. I’m grateful for everything it’s taught me, for giving me the courage to stand by what I believe in, for helping me understand the immense value of life, liberty and love.

I love my job. This is my fourth month of being self-employed and I am loving every second of it. Making my own hours; moving my office from my home to Starbucks to Panera; to the library; knowing my success or failure is fully on my own shoulders.

I love Milwaukee. I’m beginning to love this little Midwestern city more and more. There are things happening here, there are people making it happen. It’s exciting.

Other things I love….

The amazingness of Spotify, iPhone technology, Paleo living, Asics gym shoes, classic literature, MacBook Pro, down-lined coats, leather boots, old musicals, roller coasters, marathon running, photography, YA literature, refresh mint Tazo tea, free wifi, tattoos, watching football, Chipotle veggie bowls, kiwi, Crown Royal, animal print, hoop earrings, high heels, beer (even if it is against the Paleo living), cooking, stacked rings, flowers in the Spring, changing leaves in the fall, the Milwaukee lakefront, roller skating, outdoor movies, sidewalk cafes, discovering a new restaurant, etc…


Katy Rose
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