How To Take Your Own Outfit Pictures (part II)

Unlike a number of other personal style bloggers I don’t have a photographer taking my daily outfit photos. While I don’t have a photographer at my disposal I am very focused on making sure all the photos on ModlyChic are professional looking. So, I need to rely on my own photography ‘skills,’ the modern convenience of a camera timer and the editing capability of Photoshop.

In 2010, I wrote a post on how I took my own outfit photos. I figured nearly four years gave me an opportunity to re-look at this topic.


How I Take My Outfit Pictures:

Scout A Location – It helps to have a couple places in mind that work easily for your outfit pictures. When you are taking your own photos daily, unless you have no human respects, you probably want a spot that is fairly deserted. It looks weird to be standing in front of a camera for multiple shots all by yourself. I have at least five go-to places in the city.

Finalize Outfit – I always try to touch up my makeup, apply lipstick, straighten my shirt, re-tie my scarf, etc…

Place Camera – Find a surface to put the camera or tripod on that will be to the best advantage for your pictures. I use tables, benches, fence posts, can trunks, etc… It is best to look for something that is between waist and chest height. Steer clear of anything lower than your waist or higher than your shoulders as that will make awkward angles.

Setup Camera – Tweak the settings, as needed on your camera. When possible it is usually best not to use the auto setting as that is rarely the best. Lately I’ve been using the snow setting, which helps offset some of the overwhelming whiteness everywhere.

Set the Timer – I usually use a 5 second timer. If you have a camera that allows you to take multiple consecutive pictures with the time, use that.

Press the Shoot Button – After you press the button you need to scurry to get into position. If you have a camera that utilizes a remote timer activator via your phone or other device, use that. It works so much better than pressing and running.

Get in Position – There are multiple things to keep in mind for each photo – the position of your body, legs, arms, head, etc… And let’s not forget the smile. After a little practice you’ll figure out what position works best for you. Don’t position yourself too far away from the camera. While you can crop an image it is always clearer the closer you are to the camera.

Check the Photo – Before you get into taking a ton of pictures, check to make sure everything looks good on the screen. A few things I always check: lighting, shadows, backdrop, static, awkward outfit folds.

Keep Shooting – Continue to take photos as needed. For an outfit post I usually use between 3 and 5 photos, which requires between 10 and 15 pictures. When I first started doing this I would take 30 to 40 photos for a single post but that number lessened as I figured out the way to stand and how to set the camera.

Katy Rose

8 thoughts on “How To Take Your Own Outfit Pictures (part II)

  1. BeautyStyleGrowth

    The post you mentioned from five years ago is actually the post I read that has helped me continue blogging today. Because of changed schedules, my photographer couldn’t take my pictures anymore. I was going to stop blogging then I remembered that post. You mentioned you could place the camera on a fence post and now I take the pictures from the back of my car. I just place on a box and shoot away
    k at
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    1. katyrose Post author

      So glad that post helped you. Some days, I use a tripod but most days I still put the camera on a fence post, a picnic table, a park bench, or the back of my car. It’s amazing how many flat spaces you can find when needed. – Katy

    1. katyrose Post author

      Shelley – Lucky for you to have your man taking the pictures. Glad to know you are still using the tips from that first post.

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  3. Bujangan

    hi Ian, thanks for the sppourt! the belly dancing was awesome too. get us on facebook : http// for updates and a video coming soon. Your girlfriend may end up in it too! Cheers

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