How To Edit Your Outfit Pictures

edit-your-outfit-photos1So you’ve taken your outfit photos. They are downloaded on to your computer from your camera. And now what? You could just post them to your blog as is, but I’ve found that a little editing goes a long way. No, I don’t mean photoshopping yourself to be skinner or to have tanner skin. I mean tweaking the photos just enough to make the details clear and to make the outfit you are showcasing really pop.

How I Edit My Outfit Photos

Crop – I first cut the image down so that it focuses entirely on the outfit. Often there is a lot of extra ‘noise’ that can and should be eliminated. Don’t always make your body the center of the photo. Photographers like to stick with the 1/3 rule, meaning your divide your photo into horizontal and vertical thirds. Your horizon line shouldn’t be in the middle of the photo it should run along the bottom or top third. Your body should be placed along the left or right third.

Image Size – Resize your image for your blog. All my images are 550 pixels in width because the main body of my blog is 700 pixels. Blog images should be large enough for the readers to see easily without having to enlarge the screen.

Brightness and Contrast – The first thing I alter is the photo’s brightness. Depending upon the time of day and the time of year I might increase or decrease the brightness. Next comes the contrast. Tweaking this will allow you to see the colors of the outfit and your background more clearly.edit-your-outfit-photos2

Hue, Saturation and Color Balance – If the camera settings are accurate, these shouldn’t have to be tweaked too often. But every now and then I’ll change one of these when there is too much of a red or green hue in the photo.

Blur – I started using this tool recently to blur out some of the background of the photos. If you’ve ever looked at professional photos before, you’ll notice that the person is often in focus while the rest is a little blurry. That’s the effect I’m going for. Usually I’ll tweak the part that is furthest from me in the photo, which helps the outfit pop just a little more.

Border – I always try to finalize the photo with a border. In my opinion, it gives it a more polished look. I keep the border subtle with a slight shadow so it easily blends into the rest of the photo.


Katy Rose