Curly Girl Method Questions Answered

After my intro post on the Curly Girl method I’ve had a lot of questions for readers, family and friends about the entire system. Since so many of those questions were similar, I figured a post answering those questions would be a good way to get the information out there. Have more questions? Ask them in the comments below.


How would you say this has changed your hair?
I can say that my curls form much easier now. My hair feels softer. It is less greasy. I need to cleanse it less frequently. Oddly, it does feel thinner, although it is not.

Does this routine work on all kinds of curls?
Yup. My sister with SUPER curly hair just started it and it works really well for her. And it works well on my less curly hair. From the before and after pics I’ve seen online, the method works on every type of curl.

Can I try this on wavy hair?
Sure. Of course. It makes even wavy styles more pronounced.

Would this work on straight hair?
I’m sure it could on certain types of hair. This method adds moisture to the hair, moisture that is lacking. So if you have thick, dry hair this could work well for you. For those with very thin or greasy hair, this would probably not work as well. Either way I think it is worth a month’s try.

What about short hair?
This will work on all hair lengths. Oh, how I wish I knew about this method when I kept my hair short. It would have made for so many more good hair days.

Will it help you with hair loss?
I have no idea. Sorry.

Do you wash your hair daily?
No. Heck no. You are not supposed to wash your hair daily. The method is meant to replenish your hair’s moisture so the less frequently you wash your hair, the better. I tend to wash my hair every three to four days. My sister, with curlier hair, can sometimes go an entire week.


But doesn’t your hair look greasy?
Yes and No. Yes, as you are getting use to the entire process. It takes some time to get the routine and products just right and your hair will look bad until you figure out what works best for you. No, once you get the system down your hair will not look greasy. In fact my hair looks less greasy now than it ever did before.

How do you dry your hair?
I do it one of three ways. In order of my preference: One – air dry. Two – hair plopping. Three – diffuser.

What about if you want to straighten it?
This method won’t prevent your hair from straightening with a flatiron, but since that is often very damaging to your hair it is not recommended to do this often. This routine, with all its added moisture, will also do a better job of protecting your hair from the damaging elements of a blow fryer and flat iron.

What about sports and working out?
I still clean my hair after a very intense cardio workout, but after weights or something a little less sweat-inducing, I can go about as normal. I can even pull it back in a ponytail, secured with a headband and have the curls looking great after I take it down.

So have you not used shampoo at all?
Actually, I have washed my hair with actual shampoo twice in the last 6 weeks. The first time was because I started out the whole thing incorrectly, diving in without first cleansing one final time without the addition of other products. That lead to serious gross build up that I needed to eliminate. The second time was because I had started using a conditioner that was natural but that still contained silicone, which was also causing build up. Once I eliminated that conditioner there has been no build up and no need to shampoo again at all.

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    I actually just messaged you on Twitter, but I want to be sure. I’ve got everything down but I want to know, for SURE, that you first start by washing with a sulphate shampoo. This is correct? Wash with that, then move on to a cone-free conditioner? I want to do this tonight, but I’d like to know before I start incorrectly. You can email me since I don’t think I have my Twitter linked to my phone…
    Brenda Harjala recently posted..Why does this make sense? Do, done, and bring.

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