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This is a review post. I was sent products by MakerWear to try and review on the blog. All opinions are my own.


I love new concepts, new businesses, new ideas. MakerWear is a new hat company that finds its designs by what it calls ‘curated crowd sourcing.’ What does that mean? Basically, anyone can submit a design. All designs can be voted on by others and the best designs are then made. The mission: “To transform the latest pop culture into fresh couture through crowd source designs.”

There are now 12 hat designs available in a variety of Target stores throughout the country. You can check out this map to find a target store near you.


There are a variety of designs, some edgy, some funny, some cultural, some cliche. My favorite hats include the Real Men Grow Beards, Eat My Waffle, Bacon Tail and lastly the Kittens and Lasers hat, which would have been PERFECT for the Pretty Lights concert I went to this summer at Milwaukee’s Summerfest.

I’ll be wearing the flat-billed, snap back, bright blue and leopard print Kittens and Lasers hat this summer, while out discovering more of the city, taking in the lakefront and exploring new places. The beard hat is going to my cousin, Kevin, who can (and does) grow a beard like no other. He’s so going to rock this hat.

Not going to lie, the Eat My Waffle hat kinda cracks me up.


Want to know more about the hats and their makers? You can read mini bios on the designers on the product page at MakerWear. For instance, J.J. Spectre, who designed the blue kittens hat is a well-known Seattle-based urban muralist. The bio reads: “A design nerd, type lover, and unicorn. Enjoys déjà vu and long walks on the moon. Dreams in color.”


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Katy Rose

15 thoughts on “MakerWear Hats – StyleHop

  1. Jenna Wood

    I just love the faux leopard print on the Kittens and Lasers hats, these are so fun and funky, they are just my style!

  2. Spashionista (Alicia)

    These are cute and the Kittens and Lasers cap looks so cool on you! Having said that, in my neck of the woods baseball caps are pretty strongly tied to a certain look that’s a lot more rural than I care for so I’ll take a pass on them.
    Thanks for hosting the Style Hop this week 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia) recently posted..Bloops

    1. Rosie

      LMAO! I was thinking the same thing – although ‘rural’ isn’t quite the word for here……… feral is more like it.

      That being said, I love, love, love the Kittens and Lasers one – and I would even wear it – which is REALLY saying something, I don’t wear baseball caps for the previously-mentioned reason.

    2. katyrose Post author

      It’s so interesting how the same item can be viewed so differently in various parts of the world. I don’t think hats have the same connotation here, although they certainly are more prevalent in the rural parts of Wisconsin.

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