Virtual Gift Exchange: Minnesota Girl in the World

I’m part of the Social Fabric blogger group and as part of that I’m participating in a virtual gift exchange. Secret Santa slipped me the name of Jamie, the blogger behind Minnesota Girl in the World. Jamie has serious Midwest roots. Born and raised in Minnesota, several years ago she took her love for wine, art, photography, food, festivals and travel and moved to California. While her family and heart are still in the middle of this country, she’s exploring the west coast and living according to the mantra ‘Living life one wine glass at a time.’


While I’m not a wine girl myself, her posts about Napa Valley and wine tours have me wanting to plan a trip to that part of the world. Become a regular reader of her blog and your sure to become knowledgeable about wine. After scrolling through it this week, I’m already thinking maybe I didn’t give wine a fair enough chance to winning me over. LOL And if you are traveling to Northern California, Jamie keeps an updated list of all the local events.

Need recipe ideas??? This foodie is all about sharing! Her blog chronicles recipes she’s made (beer cheese soup, anyone?!) and you’ve got to check out Jamie’s Pinterest boards! Christmas, Thanksgiving, Soups, Salads, Cookies… if you’re looking for a new recipe to try, she’s got a board filled with ideas on the topic. After scrolling through her cookie board I feel the need to spend the entire day in the kitchen, ovens on, just baking, baking, baking! (Or making candy cane treats!) And when I jump into Paleo eating after the new year, I am going to be looking more closely at all the salads she has pinned. Oh, and, there is her whole board on the best recipes of 2013…. I pretty much want to try all of them!


Jamie’s got crafts too! These Holiday Wine Glass Scenes have me re-thinking my dining room decorations for next week. Can’t you see these artfully placed on a sidebar or in the middle of the table at different heights? So easy to make and artsy too.

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2 thoughts on “Virtual Gift Exchange: Minnesota Girl in the World

  1. Jamie

    Thank YOU so much for writing this. It was fun to read and you totally hit the nail on the head what I’m truly all about. All things Travel. Food. Wine =)

    And, even if you don’t like wine, the area of Napa and Sonoma are just fun to visit for the views! I’m going to check your blog too because I see it’s very fashion inspired =)
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