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Some people may like to call Chicago a “smaller version of their city” (ahem, New Yorkers) but anyone who has come to visit the city knows that the list of things to do is anything but small. From restaurants to bars and shopping spots that you just can’t miss, planning a trip can be more overwhelming than the wind, so I’ve put together a list of gems around Chicago that are more than worth your vacation time!
Catch a show.
Good music, good drinks, good company, no fuss. What more do you need? The Hideout is the perfect  spot for a fun night out. And the best part is, nobody will judge your dancing after a few drinks.
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Do Brunch.
It doesn’t matter how hungover you are, stopping by Nellcote for brunch before a day out in the city is a must. The chic decor is accompanied by a friendly staff who will help you pick a delicious meal off the menu.. because trust me, you’ll need help in deciding.
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Shop it up.
So the sales tax may sting a bit, but the shops here will make it all better. And with a mix of vintage goodies and local Chicago designers, Dovetail should be at the top of your shopping list. You can also get a better feel of their place by checking out their Etsy shop, here.
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Satisfy your sweet tooth.
Chicago is known for it’s pizza, hot dogs, and it’s new craze- doughnuts. Stop by Glazed and Infused for one of their wacky, unique yet incomparable flavors (their maple bacon is their best seller).
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If you want to be a tourist, do it the smart way.
Who doesn’t want to get a good view of the city (along with a good buzz)? Skip paying admission at the John Hancock Observatory and use your $18.00 to buy an overpriced drink at the swanky Signature Lounge on the 96th floor. And make sure you stop by the women’s bathroom to get the best view of the city (and the perfect place for a photo op).
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And if you’re lost getting to any of these places, just ask for directions! Unlike those other cities, we won’t bite your head off.
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