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One of the things I was most nervous about when leaving Boston was locating a great hairdresser in Milwaukee. Not that I doubt the skill sets of the locals here, but as any woman knows – finding a stylist who you gel with, who also gets you and your hair, AND who isn’t going to cost you a small fortune every time you need a cut is nothing short of a miracle. In St. Louis I tried at least five different stylists before finding Andy. And in Boston I lucked out and found Anthony on the very first try. Plus, when I lived in Milwaukee for school, I went to Great Clips because I couldn’t see paying more than $20 for a haircut – thank goodness some things we out grown.

When the owners of Stone Fox Salon, Dan and Jackie, contacted me about coming in and checking out their services I jumped at the chance. Yes, I’m back to growing my hair out. (I say that a lot, I know.) But this time around I still want it looking fresh and feminine. None of the ugly grow-out look for me, especially with a new job on the horizon.

Stone Fox Salon is a gorgeous place right in the city of Milwaukee! The facility is huge, allowing plenty of space for any and all treatments you are looking for – hair cut, hair color, manicure, pedicure, waxing, cosmetics… they have it all here. Plus the prices are totally reasonable. $35 for cut and style. $45 for partial highlights. $20 for a manicure. Jackie, the stylist, and Dan, the business mind, are the husband-wife team that started the place this past Spring. And from talking with the other employees they seem like great people to work for too.

I told Jackie that I wanted to keep as much length as possible but to clean up the overall look and feel of my hair. We talked about how I wanted to grow my hair out and what I was comfortable with. Then Jackie suggested taking out some of the bulk, cleaning up the edges and shaping the back. I loved the suggestions as much as the finished product.



I also got a manicure, since it was the night before my third-round interview, I figured it was a good time to get my nails looking good. The salon uses Zoya products (and CND for the shellac manicures). I opted for this dark, almost maroon, red since it was a good neutral. It looked great for several days! On the normal chick it probably would have lasted longer, nail polish has a way of wanting to be off of my nails as soon as it is painted on. So weird, I know.

I was given a complimentary haircut in exchange for my honest review of the salon. The opinions and thoughts are my own.
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