Heelys for Adults – Heck Yes

Yesterday, I took a box of mending I needed my mom to help me with. The box I used was from a pair of Heelys and my brothers went wild with the thought that I brought them a pair of these half gym shoes and half roller blades. When I opened it to reveal pants that needed a hem and a dress that needs to be brought in, they were highly disappointed. I can understand why because when I received the shoes in the mail I had a similar excited reaction.

In fact weeks before they arrived on my doorstep I was out for a run and I scurried past two teenage kids with Heelys on. I remembered thinking to myself it would be awesome if these shoes were made for adults. And then – BAM! They are! Heelys makes shoes for children and adults!

So now, the question of the hour… How are they? I won’t lie, the first couple times around the driveway I looked like an idiot. With a wheel only on the back it is a tricky balancing act, that often has you convinced you are about to do a back flip or face plant. But once you practice a little bit the movements get easier and then they get fun! You can also pull the wheel out and use the shoes as normal every-day sneakers. (I filmed my first attempts, but they are so ridiculous looking that I won’t subject you to that!)

Gift idea for the hard-to-shop-for person on your holiday list? I’m thinking Heely’s should top that list! I know my brothers 21 years old to 10 years old would love a pair of these. Well, and my 18-year-old sister would be all over a pair of her own as well.

Katy Rose
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9 thoughts on “Heelys for Adults – Heck Yes

  1. Bre Dale

    News to me! I didn’t know they made these for adults. I can see soo many younger people in 20s and 30s loving these. Excellent gift choice for many!

  2. lawyerdoll

    I remember there were some platform sandals out with 4 wheels that would pop out with the push of a button… this must have been the late 70’s or early 80’s. I wanted the *so bad*, but my mom wouldn’t go for it. :(
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