What’s in Your Bag – an FBFF post

I admit to being a little bit of an anomaly I like large purses but I also like to carry around the least number of things as possible. I am not the person who has everything imaginable in her bag. In fact there are times when I’ll walk around with a mammoth bag with only three things floating around inside. But most days this is what I run around with:

Purse from Big Buddha.
Sunglasses from a boutique in Vermont (I tend to switch my sunglasses a lot, for some reason have a number of cheapo pairs.)
Business card holder that I use for my ID, credit cards and the all important Panera card.
My Charlie Card to hop on the T here.
Lip Glow from Dior my go-to chapstick.
A tube of cheap but fun red lipstick from NYC, the CVS brand.
Gum – always carry gum.
Change purse for when I need to park at meters and for collecting quarters in order to do laundry.
The Skull purse from H&M that holds all the other cards I carry – rewards cards, frequent shopper cards, etc…
Camera with tripod.
And of course random bobby pins and a pen. You never know when you might need one of those items.

What’s the most random thing you carry with you?

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Katy Rose
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  3. Kimberlee

    I love big bags myself! Running around NY you need to carry all the essentials.

    P.S. Is there a way to add more characters in the Linky thing because I can never fit my blog title and don’t know what’s a good way to shorten it?
    Kimberlee recently posted..FBFF: What’s In My Bag?

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