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Earlier in the month Goodwill Boston hosted a blogger event that involved both shopping and an information session about the Boston-based company. While I donate a fair amount to Goodwill every year and visit one of their retail centers at least monthly, I didn’t know much about the company. To be honest, what I learned impressed me.

The company is not just the clothing reseller most of us might categorize it as. Goodwill has job programs for the underprivileged, employing thousands yearly and teaching them valuable work lessons. The company resells more than 80% of everything donated, which is pretty significant considering they collect about 22 million pounds of goods yearly. Think of all the landfills Goodwill is saving!

Plus, those things that don’t make it to the stores or don’t sell while there – those items aren’t thrown out. Nothing is. The remaining clothing is sold in bulk and turned into things like rags and carpet padding. I couldn’t even begin to go into all the programs Goodwill has in place and all the ways the company gives back to its local communities. Read more on their website.

After touring the facility, seeing the behind the scenes sorting and processing space and learning more about the company I find myself even more determined to donate to Goodwill. In the student residence I run I started a collection of items to be donated. We have 6  huge bags right now and Ill be taking them over to one of the centers later today!

Thanks to Amy and Melissa for planning the event in conjunction with Goodwill! Check out their recap, which has more pictures of the interior of the facility and additional facts about Goodwill.

Do you donate  to Goodwill? Have you found any amazing clothing items there?

Katy Rose
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10 thoughts on “Bloggers and Goodwill

  1. Kara @ Bostonista

    I do donate to GoodWill a lot but I haven’t actually been shopping there much as there aren’t any convienant locations to where I live. I had no idea that they also had job programs! That is wonderful!

    I wish I had been available to go- it sounds like you all had a great time!


  2. Gisele

    Goodwill is definitely one of the places where we can get some great things.. I haven’t tried donating but I hope I can someday..
    Gisele recently posted..Remedy For Gout

  3. Gloryvee

    Awesome post! I try to go to goodwill twice a month…my own mini scavenger hunt! I usually find great items there!



  4. Melissa

    So glad you came, Katy – and so glad we were able to introduce you to all the inspiring things Goodwill does “behind the scenes” of the retail stores we all love so much. Stay tuned: we’re doing another event during Boston Fashion Week in September, and hope to see you at the June swap (where Goodwill will be selling some donated NWT designer wedding gowns for between $99 and $199!) — use the code MODLYCHIC for 1/2 price tix, and please feel free to share with your readers (or let me know if you need more info :) Hugs, Meliss
    Melissa recently posted..Thank Goodwill It’s Friday: Shopping Karma

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