Boston Bloggers at Sonsie

Last night Boston Bloggers hosted a meet-up at Sonsie on Newbury. This is the second event that Alison and I hosted; and it was by far the best meet-up yet! I have to say after each of these events I am more and more convinced that Boston is one of the best blogging cities in the country, possibly the world. Where else do you have so many people gather together to talk about a shared passion despite all its different permutations? Where else do you find bloggers so willing to talk shop with other locals? I suppose that is what Boston Bloggers is all about. We are a group of people who get together, talk, share and network. In turn we build up each other with our personal experiences and kindly offered advice. Last night’s event was no different.

To make it easier to mix and to cut down on the awkward reaching for business cards, we printed out a blogroll of those in attendance – complete with blogger name, blog name and twitter handle. Each blogger got a list and could work the crowd trying to meet as many of the people on the list as possible. Plus, then you get the chance to take it back with you and do your own blog/twitter stalking. Cool, right?!

The event was held in the lower level wine bar of Sonsie. It was the perfect setting for the 50+ people in attendance. It gave us a private space to mingle, while keeping us and our loud conversations fairly well contained. The pizza served was delicious. Mega thanks to Sonsie for that.

And uber thanks to all of you Boston bloggers who made it to the event, especially all the new faces! I’ve included just a few pictures from the event below. Check out the Facebook photo album to see more.

Interested in our next event? We are hosting the Blog Better Boston afterparty and will have our next event in April. Stay tuned for details.

Ok, I seriously need to not wear heels to these events any more. I’m a giant! Alison is in heels and I am crouching down. LOL.

Katy Rose
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11 thoughts on “Boston Bloggers at Sonsie

  1. andrea

    What a great idea. Sadly I live in the stick so I’m pretty sure there aren’t many bloggers living in my local area. Must be fascinating to hear other peoples perspectives on blogging. I should imagine a great deal of thought went into what everyone was wearing. After all fashion bloggers can’t promote themselves well if they turn up in a a pair of old jeans.
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  2. Sara

    Hi Katy! Just joined the Boston Bloggers FB page and just registered for the Blog Better Boston Conference! I’m so excited to get involved and meet so many Boston bloggers! I’m sad I missed this event but cannot wait for the next one! Love your blog!

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