6 months of hair growth

Anyone who has been following this blog for awhile knows that I am constantly getting my hair cut, trying new styles, semi-growing it out and then chopping it all off. I can’t explain the short amount of time I keep one hair style. I suppose that’s just the way it goes. In August I let my stylist chop my hair all off. It was short – nearly boy-short.  The cut was easy to style and fun to wear, especially in the summer. My dad hated it. My mom did too, although she was sweet enough not to tell me that until a couple months later. I loved the look.

With the rate at which my hair grows it is hard to maintain a short cut without visiting the salon every 5-6 weeks. Usually by week 6 I am at wits end to get it re-styled or at least tidied up. Like I said, I grow tired of my hair quickly. But this time around, with my hair so short there wasn’t much else I could do to change the style. Instead I let it grow out and wondered how long it would be if I refrained from cutting it for an entire 6-month period, or even 12 months. How fast does hair grow when you aren’t constantly cutting it, trimming it or re-shaping it? That question set a personal challenge for me.

Crazy, I know – but it took a ton of will power to go these last 6 months without a single scissor touching my head. There were times when I almost gave up and walked into a salon I was passing on the street. There were a few days when I almost pulled my own pair of scissors out and chopped away. But I was strong. I remained firm. I didn’t cave.

The trouble with growing your hair out is that horribly awkward stage of style-lessness that seems to last for weeks of months at a time. Although, I do think part of that is your own perception. For instance, right now I think my hair is in the horribly ugly stage of growth but I have been approached several times by strangers telling me they love my cut and asking where I got it done. I don’t think they were all blind, although… maybe… One woman, when I told her I hadn’t gotten it cut in 6 months, told me she would have bet I got it cut that day. Um, really? Wow. I have to say, I think these compliments are more a product of the great haircut I got initially than anything I do. It takes a seriously amazing stylist to make your hair look good the day of a haircut and 6 months later.

So, now I am at a crossroads. It’s been 6 months. Now my hair, sorta, fits into a ponytail with the help of a headband or bobby pins. It’s tempting to pull it back daily and just walk around like that for the next several months. It’s a pain to straighten it daily to only have it look semi-mullet like. And while my hair is naturally curly, at this stage of grow-out it does not look good curly. The question… do I get it cut or keep growing it out until next August to see what a year’s worth of growth looks like? I’m lucky enough to not have ratty split ends. So I don’t necessarily have to worry about trimming it for healthier hair. And it sure saves money to not get my hair cut every 6 weeks. Oh and to complicate matters… I won a free highlight services from a local salon and will be having that done at the beginning of March. And at the end of March I am speaking at a conference. Decisions, decisions.

Other haircuts I’ve recently had:

Have you ever seen my long curly hair???


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24 thoughts on “6 months of hair growth

  1. Courtney

    I agree! It’s hard to resist cutting your hair especially when it’s short! Every now and then I get the urge to cut all mine off, but I wait a week and then usually forget about ever wanting to do that.

    I think you look good with all these haircuts! I think there will always be some people who just don’t like short hair on women, regardless of how it makes the wearer looks.
    Courtney recently posted..Bad Beauty

  2. elle

    Gah I know the feeling. I promised my boyfriend id grow my hair out but it is so hard to resist. I like my hair shorter… No one else does. Cept maybe my best friend. I loved your haircut and I can’t believe it’s been that long since that post….

  3. Lori

    Wait!!! Let it grow!!! I have been doing the same thing. I got my hair cut last march, and then again in September and that is the last cut I have had. I’m amazed at how much it has grown. I’ve definitely had some awkward moments but I have been so pleased with how it turns out after those moments passed.
    Lori recently posted..Mini-Me

  4. Piper Alexander

    Personally, I’m a short-hair lover, and I think the really short pixie-ish cut looks great on you. It really accentuates your face. I’m the same as you w/my hair – I get sick of cuts real fast and am usually getting something different every 6 weeks.
    Piper Alexander recently posted..Daily Style: Tuesday, 2/14

  5. Rebecca

    I’d go in for regular trips while growing it but, but that is just because that’s what I do. I’m growing my hair out from a bob right now, and my stylist is really good at helping me avoid feeling like I’m at the “awkward stage”.
    Rebecca recently posted..What’s in my bag?

  6. Keely

    First off, I loved your super short cut! It looked fabulous on you!

    I’m also growing out my hair. I like to attempt to have a bit of style even in the grow out stages, so I get my hair trimmed and styled every 8 weeks or so. I have a side sweep bang that usually need trimmed. I’m sure I could go longer between cuts now that it’s longer. I just might try that!

    Good luck!

  7. MMc

    I love your curls! I reckon you should get some highlights but still keep growing it! May be a trim to give it a little more shape but not go super short. :) Ah Growing Pains! you’ll look good in whatever you decide!

  8. Mode Plus

    I understand completely. I big chopped my hair to get my natural curls back but couldn’t resist that awkward phase and chopped my hair again. It’s been nearly six months me not touching the hair, I’m trying to let it grow out. To keep on track, I might try extensions. This hair growing process ain’t easy.

  9. Ter'e

    You have the most beautiful eyes!!!!!! I should would highlight them.
    Have you thought about doing a bob? Longer in front that in the back? Kind of what Posh used to do????
    I’d love to see your bangs a little longer……..but man, with your darling face……….you can rock the short hair! Quit fretting. You are just adorable.

  10. Kara @ Bostonista

    I like you with the long hair! I do think though that half or quarter inch trims every six weeks actually helps it to grow longer faster because it stays healthier. Thats what I do and I have pretty long hair that keeps getting longer!


  11. Rachel Jay

    I just posted a similar topic last week, haha! I’m working on growing my hair out a little (from a pixie a year ago–but I go in for regular trims and shaping… and touchup on the platinum) and yea, it’s hard. I typically get to a point where it’s like “GAH this is STUPID!” and I cut it. I’m there now, and fighting, fighting, fighting to grow it past my chin. It can be really hard!!

    If I were you, I’d grow it until just before your speaking arrangement and then go in for the highlights and a minor shaping. That way, the shape works for you when you wear it down, and it continues to grow out nicely.
    Rachel Jay recently posted..Dup-A-Look 6

  12. Anja

    I am loving the longer bob. That one was one of my favorite styles. The really short pixie wasn’t really my style and I love girls with little more hair on their head! Do love you with straight hair though!
    Anja recently posted..What I love right now

  13. Laura

    I WISH I had your guts! I always say I want to do something drastically different with my hair, but when I get in the chair I always wind up saying “Just a trim, please”. I love the length of your hair with the purple scarf! It is feminine, chic but still has an edgy girl vibe.
    Laura recently posted..Laisser les bons temps rouler

  14. aria

    you look much better with you hair cut! the short cut give you an upgraded look,more sophisticated and feminine instead of common long curly hair! :)

  15. dal

    Kudos for remaining firm and resisting the scissors! It’s hard not to cave in and get hair cut again, especially when it reaches that ‘awkward’ length right above the shoulders…that’s the worst part for me!

  16. Janet Diaz

    Awesome post. Is it really takes only 6 months to grow that much hair? That’s really good. I think your hair will grow faster. Many people doesn’t have faster hair growth not even good hair growth rate. This is just because of the lake of care and lack of nutrients, some times it may be genetic or hormonal imbalance. The growth rate will be depended on the nutrition you are taking in. If you take proper nourishment, that helps your hair in a healthy way. Using products like provillus can acts as catalysts in increasing hair growth. These can gives you thicker hair by reducing hair loss.
    Janet Diaz recently posted..Buy Provillus

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