Restful Sunday

Did this week fly by for anyone else? Usually I work on this post slowly throughout the week, but this time around I am culminating things at the last moment. Oh well, such is life sometimes.

  • Hipster Disney Princesses. I get a kick out of all the random ways we come up with to rework the Disney princess theme. This is what they would look like if they shopped at Urban Outfitters. LOL.
  • A to Z Guide for Personal Style. This is such a fun and creative way to talk about personal style. Stylish Thought has me wanting to create one of my own.
  • Girl Does Geek. I’ve been reading this techy blog for a while, so it isn’t exactly new to me this week, but it is full of such helpful tidbits that it deserves a HUGE shoutout. It has great tidbits like a Fashion girl’s guide on growing your blog.


  • Blog Better Boston. For all of you locals, or anyone willing to come into town for a weekend of networking and learning – this is the conference for you. (I might be slightly biased  since my friends Amy and Alana and pulling it together and I’m helping with the after party.)
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