Loving this Cape Coat

Last season when the cape jackets were making a big splash, I’ll be honest – I thought it was a one-season deal! But then they re-surfaced this year and I was kicking myself for not grabbing one at a super discount price at the end of the season.

A few weeks ago I managed to score this cape from New York & Co. at a great discount thanks to some extra markdowns and additional coupons I grabbed online. w00t w00t! What I like the best about it is that the belt helps cinch the waist to make it not be so baggy. Plus the belt helps keep the warmth in, instead of escaping through all the extra folds of material.

I’m going to need to grab a pair of long gloves to wear with this when the weather really starts to get cold and makes cap wearing a lot more challenging on the arms.

Tip: When buying a winter coat it doesn’t have to be an over-sized lump to keep you warm in the cold weather.

Jeans: Tall Girl
Shirt: Kensie
Scarf: street vendor
Coat: New York & Co.
Bracelet: Handmade
Purse: Target

Katy Rose
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12 thoughts on “Loving this Cape Coat

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      True! I’m waiting to see how much use I get out of it in the colder months. But for the chilly fall weeks it is perfect.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Robin, this one wasn’t technically clearance, but the price I paid with the store discount and coupon practically made it clearance. Watch for their next sale and go for it – New York & Co. sells this in two colors too!

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