Friend Friday: Ghosts of Halloween Past

I blame my mother. But I am seriously one of those crazy Halloween obsessed people. A year without a party and some kind of party would be the most foreign concept to me. I still remember the first Halloween I didn’t make it home. It was my Junior year in college and I thought this was the ULTIMATE sacrifice to not make the mid-week trek 3 hours South for the main event.

I say it’s my mother’s fault because she is one of those insanely creative Martha Stewart-types who can sew up a costume over night and doesn’t like to re-use the same costume twice and heaven forbid two years in a row. She’s turned the front yard into a graveyard with clever head stones. She made dirt cake for dessert with big fluffy coolwhip ghosts on top. She helped us create skeletons out of used milk cartons and the list goes on and on.

So needless to say, I look forward to this time of the year. So what better moment than a Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday post than to discuss Halloween costumes, traditions and the crazy holiday we Americans obsess over?

1. Do you have plans for Halloween? What will you dress up as this year? Of course! I’m throwing a costume party – a little tamer than last year’s which had endless supplies of candy and a spontaneous dance party that lasted well into the morning. This one will be Monday evening appropriate but still tons of fun. I have no idea what I am dressing up as – these days I kinda figure that out last minute.

2. Where do you go for costume and makeup inspiration? There are so many amazing places to get inspiration for your Halloween costumes. Jessica of What I Wore always does a Halloween series. This year she’s got some great and easily do-able ideas. Kandee Johnson is my ultimate favorite YouTube makeup artist and she does amazing tutorials on how to pull off a handful of different looks – she’s done Marie Antoinette, a oompa-loompa, and Flo the Progressive lady.

3. What was the best costume you’ve ever donned? That is hard to say. How are we defining best? I’ve been the Wolf in Grandma’s nightgown while my best friend was Little Red Ridinghood. I’ve been Kate Winslet from Titanic complete with the blue heart necklace, I’ve been a 20s flapper with blue sequin and lots of fringe. And then of course I’ve been all the standard things… a witch, a princess, a jack-o-lantern, a red crayon, a clown, a cowgirl, etc…

Come to think of it… the Titanic dress was pretty epic. My mom decided for me that it would be my costume the year Titanic was so huge. She made the dress below for me – and it looks pretty darn close to the original. Wish I had a chance to grab pictures from home to you all could see me back in the day.

4. What’s the most creative costume you’ve ever seen? I’ve seen tons! There was a guy at a party once dressed with empty cans of redbull and jagermeister with a bunch of cords and wires twisting in and out. He was a Jagerbomb. I loved the simplicity and yet pure genius of that costume. Oh and I have seen some pretty amazing Captain Jack Sparrow looks. And one year my mother turned my younger sister into the Queen of Hearts and that was pretty epic! Ahh! There are so many amazing places to get inspiration for your Halloween costumes.

5. No holds barred if you could dress up as anything, what would it be? I always wanted to be a Southern Belle with the big skirt and rich colored material. My mom promised to make me that one year in high school, but it never ended up happening. Too many other things going on. But if I ever have the chance to go to an all-out costume party you can but I’ll be bringing the Southern charm!

So… what about you? What would you love to dress up as??

Katy Rose
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22 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Ghosts of Halloween Past

  1. Emily

    Wow – you’ll have to show us the Titanic dress when you can!! Sounds amazing!

    We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in the UK so much – or least my friends and I never have. But this year I’m wanting to dress up now!! :)
    Emily recently posted..Friend Friday #52: Halloween

  2. Alana

    That Titanic dress does sound pretty epic. I would have killed to be Rose when I was 11, I think I saw that movie in the theatre six times.

    Just posted my link, this was a great topic thanks again for hosting :)
    Alana recently posted..Friend Friday: Halloween

  3. EvaNadine

    i always lean more toward culturally relevant costumes or something punny. basically, i want people to get the joke and i want to be the only one in that kind of costume. halloween is one of my most favorite holidays, but surprisingly, i dont always get dressed up!
    EvaNadine recently posted..Friend Fridays…

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  5. Laura

    I love the idea of the Southern Belle costume! I was Alice in Wonderland when I was five or six, and I really wanted the skirt to stand out like hers did in the Disney movie. My mom put some special stiff sewing tape in the hem, but that just made it a little less drapey, and she didn’t think my idea to put a Hula Hoop in the hem was a very good idea. Sigh.
    Laura recently posted..FBFF: Anticipating Halloween

  6. Courtney @ I Can Be Many Things

    Oh my god! This is AMAZING–you dressed up as Rose from Titanic? Isn’t she the most beautiful girl ever? Ahhhh. I am totally obsessed with that idea now! How did you get the costume? Your Mom! Wow! I wish I had a Mom like that!! I bet you looked absolutely gorgeous. I loved that dress… oh please show us pictures some day!

    My dream costume is also a HUGE full dress… Belle! I’m obsessed with Beauty and the Beast!
    Courtney @ I Can Be Many Things recently posted..falling leaves (+fbff)

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  8. Heidi/The Closet Coach

    I’ve been the Southern belle in the big hoop-skirted dress–only it wasn’t for Halloween, it was for my senior year prom. This was 1988, people. (Although even then I was on the very very last edge of it being remotely in style.)

    My sister teaches high school theater and my big pink puffy-sleeved prom dress is now a costume in her wardrobe department!
    Heidi/The Closet Coach recently posted..Friend Friday: What the best-dressed ghouls will be wearing

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