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I first stumbled upon Kara of Unusual Form during one of the 30 for 30 Challenges and immediately added her blog to my reader. She’s got a creative/funky but professional look that gels perfectly with being an architect. (It seems like a creative but structured profession.) Plus, extra props to Kara for her recent engagement. You can see her engagement photos on her blog and of course check out her other great looks. Here’s what she had to say to my questions:

Where does the name come from? Unusual Form began its life as an Etsy shop and companion blog.  I wanted a name that would describe both the vintage ware I was selling and my philosophy on design in general.   I like things that are a little different, things that have an “unusual form”.

When did you start the blog? I began in Summer 2009, but didn’t begin consistently blogging until Fall 2010.

How has your blog changed over the months/years? My blog originally began as a place to showcase my vintage finds and to document a house remodel.  I also starting blogging about my sewing projects, including clothing I had made/altered.  I guess I made the transition to style blogging from there.

City you are based out of: Fayetteville, AR

How does your location help or hinder your blog? For all intents and purposes, Fayetteville is a pretty small town.  I do feel bummed out that I don’t have easy access to “blogger brands” like H&M or Topshop.  Shopping around here is mostly mainstream brands with a few independent boutiques.  I turned to thrift and vintage shopping in order to have pieces that were different from what everyone else was buying at the mall.

What would you say the mission of your blog is? To dispel the myth that architects only wear black.

How many hours a week do you spend working on it? 5 or 6 hours.

How has this blog changed your life? I shop differently.  Before blogging, I was shopping very mainstream and spending way too much money.  Now through challenges like the 30 for 30, I have evaluated my shopping habits.  I came to the realization that I shopped as a hobby.  Once I took ownership of that fact, I was able to shop recreationally, without feeling obligated to buy.

Also, since I have less new things coming in, I have to be more creative with the items I already own, to keep things fresh and exciting.  As a blogger, I dress in a way that is more colorful and more creative than I did before starting the blog.

Besides this blog, what do you do professionally? I am an intern architect.

In 5 words or less how would you describe your personal style? Quirky, colorful, vintagey, thrifty, chic.  Do those words even go together?

What would you say is the hardest part about blogging? Taking pictures every day.  I have trouble finding the time not to mention the right spot with the right light and no audience.

What is the most rewarding part? All the great people I’ve meet through blogging.  I feel like I know some of my blogger friends, better than I know some of my in-person friends.

What is your one golden piece of shopping advice? Be really, really picky and buy only what you love.  Now if I could only follow my own advice.

If you had to pick one mantra for life, what would yours be? Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe.

What are your favorite items in your closet? Time and again, I find myself reaching for my dark skinny jeans, colorful silk blouses, and then a cardigan or blazer.  Oh, don’t forget the flats!

In your opinion, every woman should own: something she feels fabulous in.

A woman’s most beautiful feature is her: personality.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years? Hopefully doing the same thing.   Being colorful and creative in my clothing in a profession that has a tendency to leave color and creativity to buildings and neutrals to clothing.

What in your wardrobe could you not stand to part with, ever? I have a few jewelry pieces that came from family members, my mom, my grandmas, a great aunt.  Those all have special sentimental value.

What would you say to a woman who bemoans the fact that she is not the ‘ideal’ body shape? “Ideal” body types are just a social construct.  If you look back through history (mainly through the medium of painting), you’ll see that the ideal body type is always shifting and changing.  Every shape has been in fashion at one time or another.  Your shape is not right or wrong, it’s beautiful and don’t let some artificial construct of society tell you any differently.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read? Tulip Louise, Off of Broadway, 26 and Counting, Eclectic Flair, Miss Vinyl Ahoy, The Other Emily, Snappy Casual, Watch Me Dress.  The list goes on and on.  My Google Reader is quite full.

Do you have a fool-proof home beauty remedies? No, I pretty much leave that kind of thing to the experts.

What is the most innovative fashion statement you’ve rocked? I don’t think I ever get too crazy, but I have been known to mix a pattern or two or three.

One trend you would like to never see again is: Acid Wash Denim.  I rocked enough in Kindergarten to last me a lifetime.

For the fall you are coveting: The perfect classic trench.  For under $200.  Let me know if you find one.

Favorite designer: Kate Spade comes to mind.  Although the only Kate Spade item I own is my glasses.

Favorite color to wear: Yellow, for sure.

Favorite fashion accessory: Belts!

Which celebrities style do you envy? Zooey Deschanel for dress-up, Alexa Chung for every day.

Katy Rose

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  1. Courtney

    I loved reading about Kara and especially like the way she mixed colors and patterns. Very inspirational! I’ll have to check out her blog.

  2. Mrs. J

    Yay, she is such a great blogger. Plus she always wear the coolest accessories and her color/print mixing is inspiring. I’m so happy and proud to see her featured here!!

  3. Suze

    AH! Kara! I love her. Her style is so bright and fun, and she always inspires me. I love how she mixes patterns and colors and always looks lovely!

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