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It has been WAY too long since I put together a blogger profile. Between heading out on vacation and then the aftermath catch-up work I didn’t have time to read other blogs or to reach out to some of my favorite reads to put together a profile. But last week I managed to get myself back on track. First up… Brooke from Wily Wiley! Brooke is a fellow Boston blogger and we both attended the Pretty Party last week (although she already knew of the wonders of the DiorShow mascara!) Here’s what she has to say….

Where does the name come from? ‘wily’ means sly or crafty and wiley is my last name.  i think the pairing does a great job of describing me

When did you start the blog? i started my blog in 2009.

How has your blog changed over the months/years? my blog really has not changed a whole lot over the last couple years.  i still focus mainly on daily fashion, but i also include a bit more of my life to keep family and friends updated.  i’d say the biggest change is that i got a better camera, therefore have nicer photos.

City you are based out of: boston

How does your location help or hinder your blog? boston has been a great inspiration.  there are so many stylish women in this city and so much music and culture to be a part of.  it’s also a dream for fashion blog backdrops!  i’d say the only downfall to living in boston is missing the great thrifting back home in pennsylvania.  thrift stores in the city tend to be a bit picked over and pricey.  nothing like a goodwill out in amish country.

What would you say the mission of your blog is? to show girls that you don’t need a lot of money to feel good about yourself every day.  i am always trying to rework pieces in my closet and am on a shopping ban except for thrifting and super sale items.  my budget has taught me to appreciate the great pieces i have and save for the staples that will last forever.

How many hours a week do you spend working on it? about 5-8

How has this blog changed your life? i love being a part of something and have made some great friends and connections through my blog.  it’s always great to meet your blogging friends in real life and i love getting the opportunity to engage with like-minded women.

Besides this blog, what do you do professionally? i work in advancement at a local university

In 5 words or less how would you describe your personal style? preppy with a twist

What would you say is the hardest part about blogging? always finding the time and energy to take photos.  i love taking them, but it’s sometimes hard to put the camera down and just enjoy a night out without feeling guilty if i do get some outfit shots.

What is the most rewarding part? the people i’ve met and the friends i’ve made.

What is your one golden piece of shopping advice? everything goes on sale!  i rarely buy anything full-price.  my favorite store is anthropologie and i have managed to get all of the pieces i loved in the catalog for very cheap just a month or two after they come out.  it’s worth waiting because then you realize if you actually need the piece.

If you had to pick one mantra for life, what would yours be? i’m not sure i’ve figured out my life mantra yet, but my greatest piece of advice is to truly appreciate beautiful moments.  when something wonderful is happening in my life i like to take it all in and savor it.

What are your favorite items in your closet? my vintage cable knit sweater, my grandmothers t-shirts from the seventies, and my paige denim trousers

In your opinion, every woman should own: a great watch.  something beautiful to look at every day.

A woman’s most beautiful feature is her: her laugh

Where do you see your blog in 5 years? detailing a very happy life and hopefully some beautiful new additions to my wardrobe.

What in your wardrobe could you not stand to part with, ever? my softest gray teeshirt that i stole from jeb years ago.  i wear it constantly and it is the absolute perfect shirt.

What would you say to a woman who bemoans the fact that she is not the ‘ideal’ bodyshape? i’d say welcome to the club, girlfriend.  i have to laugh at the ‘ideal’ bodyshape, only because ‘ideal’ and ‘beautiful’ are two very different and very subjective things.  as long as your healthy and dress for your bodytype, the rest doesn’t matter.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read? i have so many favorites, but eat.sleep.wear. and cheetah is the new black are two of my longtime obsessions.

Do you have an fool-proof home beauty remedies? i’d have to say that herbal packs are my ultimate remedy for almost everything.  i love to freeze them and use them over my eyes when i’m having some puffiness.

What is the most innovative fashion statement you’ve rocked? belts as hair accessories.  i love finding unique ways to repurpose my accessories.

One trend you would like to never see again is: leggings as pants!

For the spring you are coveting: boyfriend trousers in bright colors

Favorite designer: isabel marant

Favorite color to wear: red or navy

Favorite fashion accessory: scarves in my hair

Which celebrities style do you envy? alexa chung, diane kruger, 70s diane keaton…the list goes on

Katy Rose

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  1. perdita

    Fab interview. Very inspiring, she fits her blog round her life with 5-8 hrs per week and it looks so professional, just goes to show you CAN do it and make a really slick product.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I’m shocked it only takes her up to 8 hours a week. I’m a minimalist and it still takes me way more time!

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