Entering the Trench Coat Arena

To be honest, I’ve never had much of an interest in trench coats. Perhaps, because in my mind they were associated with poorly dressed middle-aged women or creepers (there was one such creeper on my college campus – gross!). So until this year I have not owned a trench coat, well if I don’t count the boldly-colored spring coats my mother used to buy us girls around Easter every few years. But when a friend of mine suggested I take her extra trench because the arms were too long on her – I jumped at the opportunity and then promptly hung the coat in my closet and forgot about it.

But the weather lately has been getting nicer and it calls for just a little something when walking outdoors. Instead of grabbing a sweater I found myself reaching for this trench coat and I am suddenly in love with the entire trench concept. They can look super chic and sophisticated.

I especially like this one because it is a dark color, which looks better on me than a tan one would, and because it has a long belt that can be knotted instead of actually belted.

Are you sporting a trench coat this Spring season? Leave a link in the comments if you’ve got a picture of you and your trench.

Tip: Sometimes it is a good idea to revisit fashion prejudices you may have. Who knows you might have a new viewpoint the second time around.

Trench: gift from friend
Jeans: Tall Girl
Heels: Diane von Furstenberg – scored at thrift store
Hat: H&M
Earrings: New York & Co.


Katy Rose
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40 thoughts on “Entering the Trench Coat Arena

  1. Lauren

    I have been sporting a trench coat this spring, but don’t have my post scheduled until Friday in which I actually took pictures of it – of course, mine is a wild color :). Your mom isn’t the only one attracted to those!
    Lauren recently posted..Lace Top- Take Two

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      LOL As I was writing the post all I could think about was this crazy shiny green coat I had when I was 10ish. It was bold and crazy. I wore it all the time but more because it was my only spring jacket than because it was cool. Look forward to seeing the pics on Friday!

  2. Kinsey Michaels

    very nice Katy, I like the look on you. I, too, have recently jumped on the trenchcoat bandwagon, having bought one recently from Forever 21 (it’s in a fire engine red color!).
    Maybe I’ll even bring it with me to Boston tonight in anticipation of the rain we’re supposed to get :(
    Kinsey Michaels recently posted..Sexy Spring Wedges

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Michael Kors at Costco – SERIOUSLY!!! I need to get to my nearest bulk grocer ASAP!

  3. sara

    You look freaking amazing. Those jeans with those heels = amazingness. I want to do that combo tomorrow now. Also the trench trend is one of my favorite. I have a cute pink trench coat i wear all spring. Keep wearing heels. Love how they look on you.

  4. Pam@over50feeling40

    It’s so good you finally put it on…it looks great…especially with the way you styled the picture! I was prejudiced toward short pants until recently and now I think I really like them! I just bought two pair…it is true, just try on what you think you hate…you might find you don’t really hate it after all!
    Pam@over50feeling40 recently posted..Viva Fiesta!!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      It’s funny how that works. I mean there are some things I still hate after trying it on for a second or third time. But more often than not I am surprised to find my opinions changing about some things I thought were hard-fast rules in my fashion book.

  5. CC

    No trenches for me this spring. It is already too warm. I would love a classic khaki one though.
    My recently revisited fashion prejudice would be coral. I loathe orange and coral has always just seemed like another shade of orange to me. But this season it has a pinker tone and I love it. I’ve picked up several pieces of jewelry and am wearing them with everything. You’re right, sometimes we need to just try something.
    CC recently posted..Jewelry Making 101- The Tools

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Lucky you that it is already too warm for a trench. I think I’m going to be in this one for another month.

  6. Kati

    I love trenches and this one is amazing! You look very chic! I own a tan one and have been on the hunt for a black one. They are great in the springtime. There have been a few trends I swore I would never wear, but after giving them a try they actually look great and I fall in love. (Then I have to eat my words, but it is all good.) Thanks for the reminder to reach beyond that fashion comfort zone.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I had the same opinion about jumpsuits but then I found one that I loved and looked good on and I had to revamp my thoughts on that one. It’s great to discover new possibilities.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Red would be amazing. My dressy winter coat is bright pink and I love that it is one of the only boldly colored coats out there. Red would do the same.

  7. Mrs. J

    That’s funny I always associated trench coats with stylish business women or men. My first high end purchase at 18 was a Hilfiger by Tommy Hilfiger navy blue trench coat with sailor buttons. You look great in that coat I definitely thought Fashion writer from NY when I seen these pictures. :)

    ps. I look forward to more trench coats in your future post!!
    Mrs. J recently posted..Piece of Cake

  8. Mel

    I got my first trench coat this year as well. The weather on OK has gone from winter to full on summer so probably won’t be wearing this year.
    Your trench coat is fabulous and looks great on you! I love the color and pattern. You look so classy, chic and cool!
    Mel recently posted..Casual Friday

  9. Heather

    Looks great – very New York City lol. That is so true about revisiting things that you used to not like. I have changed so much fashion-wise from a year ago. It’s good to change now and then though!
    Heather recently posted..Dont YouForget About Me

  10. Amielle

    That’s a gorgeous jacket! I love the colour and length and …well, everything on you. Paired with those pants and the hat and wow. You did a great job. :)

    I have a trench-like jacket (it’s a bit thicker and made of a heavier material) that I sported all winter. But now that it’s getting warmer out, I’ve had to hang it up for the year (at least until the end of October) and I’ve been sporting my leather jacket instead. :)
    Amielle recently posted..L is for Light

  11. Anja

    Welcome to teh trench coat lovers club! I have been adoring them for years, but often have issues with too short sleeves or an ill-fit due to my tall frame. I still got several (I guess three to four) coats in my closet and would love even more of them. They are so versatile and you are right, they look really classic and polished and make every look seem just a bit polished. Here a link to my favorite one and how I paired it recently (A FBFF post btw!)
    Anja recently posted..Maximum feeling

  12. Michelle

    I was given a very nice trench coat last year and I haven’t worn it yet… but just like that, you inspired me to wear it on the next rainy day!
    Michelle recently posted..A mish mash

  13. Angeline

    This trench is amazing! I love interesting patterns and colors on outerwear, and yours has both. The way you styled it with the jeans and heels is so classic, but the trench really kicks it up a notch.
    Angeline recently posted..Going with the flow

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