Friend Friday: Beauty Products

Is it seriously Friday already? What happened to the week?

For Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday this week we are looking at the beauty products we use. I’m not much of a beauty blogger, although I do get some fun reviews and tips in every now and then. And I’m certainly no stranger to beauty products. (Sidenote: Interested in becoming a part of Friend Friday? Just submit your email to the FBFF Google Group and you’ll be all set!)

1. What’s your favorite drug store makeup product and your favorite higher-end product? Um… I am almost strictly a drug store makeup girl. I love NYC’s coverstick. I use e.l.f. eyeshadows almost exclusively. And I always go with Maybelline mascara. In terms of high end… I am obsessed with the eyelid primer by Mac. It’s called Painterly and I never put on eyeshadow without it.


2. Is there one type of product that is your go-to, can’t live without? Does chapstick count? Because I pretty much have tubes of chapstick and lip balm in every bag, purse, desk, and dresser. I feel like Napoleon Dynamite all the time… really really chapped lips.

3. What’s the best hair product you’ve ever used? There is no way I can narrow that down to just one. I love Big Sexy Hair dry shampoo, Silk Drops, Ouidad leave-in conditioner and Crew pomade… to name a few.

4. Fess up, what’s the worst beauty look you’ve tried to rock and look back at now with a little shame or apprehension that you actually did that? When I was still getting the hang of my suddenly curly hair I rocked the wet look a lot because I didn’t know how to moderate the amount of mouse I used. Oh and there was the time I tried bangs – FAIL! And for about 6 months I used bronzer as an all-over face powder – not the best look.

5. When it comes to beauty products, we all use the same basic products. What do you use that helps show off your personal flare and personality? I like to use fun colored eye-shadows that are subtle but still defined. Blue, purple and green are some of my favorite. When I am lucky enough to have my nails long I love nail polish on them in bold, non-usual colors. But besides those two things, most of my personal flare comes from the clothing items rather than the beauty ones.

Tell me… what is your can’t live without item?? What should I try?

Katy Rose
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140 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Beauty Products

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I’ve tried bangs several times and only finally learned my lesson in high school. Bangs do not work with a funky front cowlick. At least now I know!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I never even heard of the product until about 16 months ago and now I am completely sold on it. Goodbye eyeshadow crease lines and makeup that wears off during the day!

  1. Kathrine

    I enjoyed this week’s topic so much! It was about time we talked beauty products! :)
    I ‘m looking forward to check out everyone’s favorites and tips!
    I believe everyone is going to have some kind of lip moisturizer in their fav list today! Girls and chopstick go hand in hand 😉
    Kathrine recently posted..Lets talk beauty

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      So true, a number of us have listed Chapstick or mentioned being unable to live without it.

  2. Casee Marie

    Loved these questions! I had a total bang fail, too. I came across a picture tonight and I’m really just wondering what I was thinking. Yikes.

    I’ve used a few things by e.l.f. but never their eyeshadow (yet). I recently picked up one of their nail polishes, I’m excited to give it a try. e.l.f. products are so nice and so cheap! When I first discovered them my mind was blown. Oh and gotta love Big Sexy!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      When I was writing this I just kept thinking of the one horrible school picture of me with bangs. They look like my little brother cut them, but no I had them professionally cut and they still were a disaster. never again.

  3. Gertrude

    That ELF palette looks really great. Love the eyeshadow colours it has.

    I once had a bang fail as well, but only because they were too short and my hair grows out pretty quick. I actually look silly without bangs not with! x
    Gertrude recently posted..Friend Friday- Beauty Products

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I’m obsessed with the whole ELF line. At Christmas I bought their 100-color palette for $10. It is amazing what you can do with it.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Welcome to FBFF! Better set a side a good chunk of time to read through everyone’s responses. You’ll find some great gems.

  4. Amber

    Loved these questions! I’m currently right in the middle of a bangs disaster as we speak (randomly decided to cut them into my hair myself last week. And no, I hadn’t even been drinking), so I’m conforted to hear I’m not the only one who’s suffered through this. They always seem like such a good idea in theory!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Amber, I feel your pain. Try bobby pins or headbands to keep them out of the way. With the huge bang trend going on now I wonder how many of us will make bang mistakes this season.

  5. Nikki @ Styling You

    Hi Katy – this is my first time posting in Friend Friday – thanks for organising such a wonderful group. I’m a fashion and beauty blogger in Australia and look forward to reading and networking with more US bloggers.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Hi Natalia – Thanks for stopping by! And truly the e.l.f. products are amazing, especially considering how cheap they are.

  6. Jessica

    Silk drops! I had forgotten about them! When I was living in Vancouver I always used them, but, you cant buy them in Ireland, or chapstick for that matter….

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      As I was growing my hair out I never used them, but now that I am back to short, I found them in the bottom of my drawer and fell in love with them all over again.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Lucky girl that bangs work for you. not all of us are so lucky, as you can see from the comments on this post. A majority of us have a bang disaster story to tell.

  7. caroline alice

    I’m so excited! this was my first FBFF post yea!! I havn’t written about beauty yet either so double yea!! I look foward to reading what you all use!! – Chapstick is so good! xcx
    caroline alice recently posted..Beauty Products

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Welcome to the party! And how great is it that we picked a topic you haven’t yet covered on your blog?!

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    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I think my chapsticks also multiply and then disappear. I’ll be digging in all my bags to find one – nothing. Then I’ll purchase one at the drug store and suddenly 5 appear to just be sitting around all over.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Yay for vlogs! I need to jump back on that bandwagon. It was one of my new year’s goals and so far I’ve filmed two. Not good.

  10. Caitlin

    Hahaha, love the story about curly hair and bangs. I have really pale skin, so I’ve tried wearing bronzer before. I just end up looking dirty. Hahaha!

    (Tumblr is down currently, so I couldn’t publish my FBFF yet. But it’s in my queue, waiting for Tumblr to fix itself. As soon as it’s fixed, I’ll post my FBFF.)
    Caitlin recently posted..Daily- Raided

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I too am totally one of those people who walks leisurely through the makeup and beauty isles checking out the new products I need to try. Bummer is so many of them are duds. But then there is always that random gem you find and it is all worthwhile.

  11. Krystle

    It’s fun to hear of the disaster story! I really wish I could have posted a photo with mine, even though it was pretty bad. Haha. . Anyway, this was fun and light hearted- love it!
    Krystle recently posted..FBFF Beauty Products

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  13. Sara

    I had so much fun with these questions this week, Katy! Thanks for them.

    I tried bangs, but since I have a majorly strong cowlick at the front of my head, they never ever worked. I’ve accepted my cowlick, but I used to hate it because it was so limiting. And I’m like you with my lip balm – it’s always on me, I’m always reapplying.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Yeah those dang cowlicks will get you every time. I’ve got a couple to deal with, but I’ve learned how to style and flip my hair to hide or mask them. Although that was a long painful trial process trying to figure everything out.

  14. Shen Dove

    I loved this week’s topic! I’m usually willing to spend a bit more for make up products I like because they usually last for months. Once I find something I like such as foundation, I’m very loyal to it and rarely deviate.
    Shen Dove recently posted..Friend Friday- Beauty Products

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I am totally with the product loyalty in this area. Every time I think I’ll try something new I end up being disappointed and going out to get my tested and true item. At least we know what works for us and can work that.

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  16. MJ

    I was so excited to answers questions about my first blogging love! It was so hard to narrow products done because I am a bonafide product junkie!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I am obsessed with it. I bought it in a trial size at a Sally Beauty Supply shop and it has lasted me several months, plus it works better than all the other ones I’ve tried. I’ve never seen it sold in normal stores though.

  17. Sarah

    My 80s/90s bangs were so horrible when I grew them out. I have barely considered going back since seeing so many cute girls with them online but I am sticking to subtle layers for now.
    Sarah recently posted..FBFF Touchups

  18. Cathy Benavides

    It was only a few months ago that I wanted my shoulder length hair to look all curly and wavy and got a little too friendly with the mousse- I totally rocked the wet look. It wasn’t pretty. Thanks for the great questions- I forgot how much I love talking about my beauty products!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      The poor curly haired girls like us – it is almost unavoidable to not rock the wet look. I’ve been finding some new products lately though that give softer curls and no wet look. Ouidad gel is one great product.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      The new stylist I went to in Feb asked me about bangs and I almost forgot to mention the cowlicks. When I did he changed course of the haircut immediately. At least he realized it wouldn’t work for me. Awesome that yours can make it work for you.

  19. Stephanie

    This was my second post for FBFF as a new member,and I loved loved loved it!….did I mention that I loved it?? Oh well, it doesn’t hurt to say it again 😀 I loved this week’s set of questions, because I talk about beauty products a lot on my blog. Thank you Katy!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Thanks Stephanie glad to hear you loved it!! Hopefully you love the weeks ahead too.

  20. Fashion Momma

    Um, YES. Chapstick ABSOLUTELY counts. I’m not a product junkie (nor do I have the money to start that obsession), but I do like to find a few great things and stick with them, so I’m excited to see what all of these other beauties use!
    Fashion Momma recently posted..Posh on the Sidewalk

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      It’s like you get to try the products without paying the money. Just find the blogger with similar features, coloring, and go with their recommendations. Love it.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I am obsessed with it. My tube is running low and I need to get some new asap!!

  21. Lori

    I forgot about the wet look. I think I rocked that all through high school and somehow forgot. It’s so easy to overdo product in curly hair. I’m still learning :(
    Lori recently posted..Falling Behind

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I think it is often a life-long process for us curly-haired girls. The products are all so different and hair changes subtly over the years and we need to be constantly adjusting.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      My makeup/product drawer definitely looks like a CVS inside. I need to remember what I previously bought before purchasing more. Happens all the time with Chapstick and other essentials. Oops.

  22. Rocio Lie

    I’m still trying to make bangs work for me because I love them so much harharhar!=) I’m def. going to try a few of your hair product recommendations, thanks!
    Rocio Lie recently posted..28 and 29

  23. Alex Elizabeth

    I love bold eyeshadows too! Blue, purple, and green are my favorite eyeshadow colors. And I’m so crazy with chapstick that I usually have 3+ tubes/pans/whatever in my bag, on the table, going up the stairs… I get kind of nuts when I don’t have any!
    Alex Elizabeth recently posted..Feeling Blustery

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  25. Beautifully Invisible

    This was a fun change for a topic, I’m glad I was finally able to participate again!

    I forgot about my chapstick obsession until I read your answers – I have one too although for me it’s Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I have containers of that everywhere. I also had the same experience as you with my front cowlick – I STILL want to try bangs on occasion but thankfully my stylist talks me out of it!
    Beautifully Invisible recently posted..LINK LOVE with a TWIST- February 28- 2011

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      It’s on my list of things to do this weekend. So hang on a couple more days and I will have badges to pick from on the site!

  26. Andrea

    I am a HUGE fan of MAC’s Painterly paint pot, too. It totally evens out the color of my eyelid and I wear it even when I don’t wear eyeshadow! They also have a shimmery one called “Vintage Selection” that I wear if I want some sparkle and it STILL doesn’t crease at all. Amazing.
    Andrea recently posted..Friend Friday

    1. Meghan

      i have oily skin as well and if i don’t use eye shadow primer, my eye make-up will not last even a couple hours. the sebum in your skins moves the pigment around. try urban decay’s eye shadow primer, that’s what I use!

      Meghan recently posted..skirting around the issue

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  29. Katie

    Filling this out made me think of how I dressed when I was 16 and how awesome, and cool I felt and how ridiculous it must have been for other people. Hahaha. I really enjoyed this! As for bangs… I love having asymetrical, long bangs but short, straight bangs make my face look as wide as the moon. Too bad I didn’t get it earlier and rocked that look for almost a half a year. I also used to glue my bangs to my head cause I hated when my hair moved. Groosss…
    Katie recently posted..Ohh its PROM NIGHT!

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  31. Kristin

    Weeee, I had fun doing this one! Gave me a chance to look through some old photos. :) I have lip balms in random places too — purse, junk drawer, desk. I like using Burt’s Bees lip balm, it’s so tingly and it keeps from chapping. My boyfriend hates when I wear the stuff though, he always accuses me of trying to “poison him” because it’s so strong. lol.

    Oh, and I definitely want to try out Big Sexy Hair’s dry shampoo now.
    Kristin recently posted..Friend Friday- Beauty Products

  32. Tyesha

    This is my first time participating and I’m loving it…so much fun so thank you for hosting and I absolutely love your blog. Such inspiration!!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Tyesha – Welcome to FBFF! You’ll love the community. Glad you could participate this week.

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  34. Colleen

    I can’t believe I’m the 126th person to link up.
    Can’t believe it for 2 reasons: I usually link up so much earlier but I was way late this week and there are so many people that answer these questions now. Back when I started there were maybe 15-30 each week.
    Colleen recently posted..Friend Friday- Beauty Products

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Welcome Hannah! So glad you joined the group and that you got the chance to participate this week!

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  37. Mary

    All the while I was playing safe when it comes to my hair. I always have this feeling that it’ll be alright if you had the expert with you. I don’t take any step that will compromise my physical appearance as well as my helath so, I always take the side of the expert.:)
    Mary recently hair loss products

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