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Back on track with the Monday blogger profiles… Today I’m profiling Linley from Dwelling and Telling. She’s only been blogging for six months and already has a significant following – which I’m sure is due in large part to her great sense of style and the easy-going charm that emanates from her blog. Her shoe collection is great and she manages to wear both black-colored outfits and color-filled ones. Lovely. Here’s what she has to say…

Where does the name come from? I started the blog as a way to document and share my new life – that is married and in a totally new environment. The title is somewhat vague – as I didn’t have a particular “vision” for my blog. I just wanted it to be a place where I could share whatever I wanted. And that’s what it is.

When did you start the blog? I started D&T in the fall of 2010 – six months ago.

How has your blog changed over the months/years? My blog started as a place to share my life – including recipes, DIY’s, and tid-bits into our life as newlyweds, but additionally it has become a place where I share my style. And I love it!

City you are based out of: I am in Alabama – near Montgomery. (anyone else out there close by?)

How does your location help or hinder your blog? There are pros and cons to everything. I definitely think living in a larger area, where there are more bloggers, would be fun. Going to blogger meet-ups and style conferences would be a blast as well as an eye-opening experience. I also miss out on coming across so many fashionable people whether it’s on the street or in the mall. But being in a small town also has rewards. When it comes to fashion and not seeing those fashionable people around the city, I’ve really been able to focus on my style – what I like and what works on me.

What would you say the mission of your blog is? Sharing things I love. Whether it has to do with style, fashion, makeup, life, food, decor, ideas… whatever – I just want to share things I love. My thoughts. Who I am!

How many hours a week do you spend working on it? I don’t think I point out a specific amount of time that’s put into the blog. It varies. Blogging in general definitely gets a lot of my free time. I love blogging and reading blogs.

How has this blog changed your life? Hmm, well I’m not sure it has changed my life, per se, but it has introduced me to several wonderful new blogs and bloggers. These introductions have given me opportunities to different things, ideas, and inspirations.

Besides this blog, what do you do professionally? Well, I’ve graduated with a M.S. in speech therapy. I love having the knowledge to help children and adults with their speech, swallowing, cognition, and language, but I’ve yet to find a job in our new area. I’m pretty much a professional blogger right now, but without a paycheck.

In 5 words or less how would you describe your personal style? Eclectic, classic, simple, and creative.

What would you say is the hardest part about blogging? Finding a happy medium. When I started this blog no one read it. Now I have readers – I want to share what I want to share, but I also want to please my readers. So making sure I stay true to my blog, but also entertain those who read it is important to me.

What is your one golden piece of shopping advice? Only buy what you love. If you don’t completely love an item and if you can’t image a hand-full of different ways to wear it – don’t get it.

What is the most rewarding part? Having support for what I am doing!

If you had to pick one mantra for life, what would yours be? Enjoy the moment.

What are your favorite items in your closet? Skinny jeans, cardigans, boots, and well-fitting dresses.

In your opinion, every woman should own: A great pair of jeans. The pair that fits your body perfectly and makes you feel like a million bucks!

A woman’s most beautiful feature is her: Originality. I’m drawn to women (or people in general) who are original. Original with their personality, style, thoughts, anything… I love being around anyone who is different, but in a great and inspiring way. I hope to be that.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years? Gosh, who knows? Styling pieces for others or for different companies? I love fashion and style and it would be a dream to be a stylist. Or maybe sharing advice on being a mom and baby products? haha – I have no idea! Hopefully it has grown in five years and I am helping and/or making a different for others through my little corner of the Internet.

What in your wardrobe could you not stand to part with, ever? Again, my skinny jeans.

What would you say to a woman who bemoans the fact that she is not the ‘ideal’ bodyshape? If everyone was the same shape, we’d all be unoriginal and boring. I’m not sure any woman is compepletly happy with her image – but that’s life – we are human. Howevere, I know that every woman has at least one feature about themself that they love. I would say embrace those features about yourself that you love and run with it! If you love your lips, wear fabulous lipstick everyday to enhance those gorgeous puckers. If you love your legs, show them off! If you love your butt, find the perfect pair of jeans and buy five pairs. And so on… work with what you have because that’s what you have.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read? Any blog that is original and inspiring is a favorite of mine. Some popular ones include: Sterling Style, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Kendi Everyday, and Without Melissa. Check out my blogroll for other blogs I love.

Do you have an fool-proof home beauty remedies? Right now, since it’s winter, I put a hefty amount of vaseline on my lips before going to bed. When I wake up my lips are soft, moisturized, and ready to face the day!

What is the most innovative fashion statement you’ve rocked? Um… I’m not sure it’s totally innovative, but probably belts around my waist (it’s new to me!). Whether they are over a scarf, cardigan, skirt, shirt, whatever… I’ve really grown to love wearing a thin belt around my waist. It’s only been a recent style for me, but I love it! I don’t really have much curvy-ness about my hip area – it’s just kind of straight. So throwing on a belt really helps in that department and creates an illusion of some hip-action!

One trend you would like to never see again is: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m not a fan of acid-wash jeans. They just do nothing for me – I’ve never seen them style and thought, “Wow, that looks amazing.” Maybe subtlety in some type of photshoot they are ok, but in real life – they are not for me. Of course, a few years ago I said I would never wear jean shorts again and I am ready to get into a pair this spring!

For the spring you are coveting: Dresses and skirts – always!

Favorite designer: This is more of a line, but I love J Crew. I am in love with how they’ve transformed into a somewhat chic-hipster line, but still stay classic. It’s genius, and it always impresses me. I would be a happy woman if I could only ever shop a J Crew.

Favorite color to wear: I love neutrals – from black, to ivory, to gray, to khaki. I love all neutrals. Even branching out neutrals – like lighter pinks and navy.

Favorite fashion accessory: A statement necklace. It can always pull an outfit together.

Which celebrities style do you envy? Lauren Conrad, Zooey Deschanel, and Olivia Palermo – love their styles.

Feel free to add anything else you’d like to mention/talk about/rant about… Something else I love, and love sharing on my blog, is beauty products! In addition to fashion, beauty is equally important (in my opinion). Your hair, makeup, and skin can all add in making an outfit that much better. I like to share my favorites on my blog – which usually involves any makeup or hair products that I use and love. It’s been a while since my last favorites post, but I definitely plan on share more in the near future!

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  1. Pam @over50feeling40

    If my daughter had the funds to only do J.Crew and Anthropolgie…she would be a happy camper. We spend time though re-creating the looks at a lower price and it is fun! The styles here are wonderful…she is a talented stylist.
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  2. Terri

    I remember discovering Linley during the last remix challenge…she must have just been starting out. And I also enjoyed a tutorial she did on fixing her hair. But does she take her own photos?
    Terri recently posted..Checkers

  3. Kirstin Marie

    Love her style! I really enjoyed reading your interview. Thanks for this feature, I am heading over to her blog to check it out right now!

    Oh, and welcome back! Glad to have you :)

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