Friend Friday: Blogger Mechanics

This week we’re looking at the tools behind the blogs. To make this more interesting I filmed a video, but for some reason it is saying the upload time to YouTube is one hour and I SO do not have an hour to wait. So I’m answering this in the old fashioned way and may post the video link to here later in the day. (LOL So my video finally posted. Since it is so late in the day I’ll link it here but spare you the post.)

1. What technology do you use in blogging? I’m pretty basic with all of this. I use a Nikon Coolpix S600 for all my photos. It is basically a nice digital camera but nothing too shnazy. It works for what I need and it takes good photos. I have a flipcam for attempting videos, which is obviously still a work in progress. I use a 17-inch MacBook Pro as my computer. It it loaded with memory since I have so many songs, photos and documents sitting on this baby. And lastly, I use a Droid Incredible as my phone, which also helps to keep the 5 email accounts straight, respond to emails, approve comments and visit other blogs when I am on the run. I use it almost more than I use my computer.

2. What computer and online technology do you use? On the computer I use iPhoto for storing everything, iMovie for shooting and editing video clips, Word for writing some posts, Photoshop and InDesign for tweaking photos, creating my header, etc… Online I use Photobucket to store all the photos that appear on ModlyChic. I now use WordPress, although I have been using Blogger for the last 5 years. I use co-comment to track comments I leave on other blogs; and Facebook and Twitter to interact with others and promote the blog. And lastly I use a plethora of Google products, including Google Reader and the Google Groups.

3. What is your process for taking pictures? I feel like there should be more of a process but there isn’t. (Maybe I should video it one day.) Basically I find a spare second in my day and head out either the front or the back door. I pick a spot, balance the camera, set the timer, run into position, smile and repeat. Some days I get good photos in 5 shots and I call it a day. Other times it might take 10 or 15, especially if I am trying to get an accessory in the shot, or if I am trying to avoid people, cars, etc…

Once the photos are downloaded to my computer, I sift through picking the best two or three shots and drag them into photoshop. From there I crop, tweak coloring and add a border. I then save the desktop and upload to photobucket. Process complete.

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily? I’m always on the look-out for new locations. The only trouble is I have some very specific requirements which makes the majority of places far from ideal. I need a place to rest the camera. I’m now really good at spotting fence posts, mailboxes, parking meters and park benches that will work. I also need something to stand near so that I can focus the camera on that point before I run to get in the shot. And lastly I need a spot that is far from a million watchful eyes. I have a hard time photographing my look if there are people around staring. Usually I’ll just head home and try again later.But I do keep a mental list of places that have great backdrops and built-in tripods so that I can swing that way the next time I am out in that area. And I’m really looking forward to the spring months, since this January has been brutal with snow. We’ve gotten 60 inches in a month!

5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying? Without a doubt a new camera. Mine has been dropped a couple too many times and it is a little sad looking. Thankfully it still takes great photos, but that will be the next big purchase I make for ModlyChic…. who knows when that will be!?

Katy Rose
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345 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Blogger Mechanics

  1. Fabienne Jach

    Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to have an hour to scout a location and take photos every day without interrupting the rest of our normal routine! I’m amazed at the quality and consistency we get overall as a community given that we do this on top of everything else, not instead of!

    I bet a lot of us use point-and-shoot cameras with self timers :)
    Fabienne Jach recently posted..FBFF Q&ampA- Waving the magic blogging wand

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      So true! There are some amazing blogs pulled off without much time to devote to them. Although I have found as time goes by I spend more and more time devoted to blogging and everything that goes in to it. Although still the photographing part is the least time consuming.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Only your left hand? Impressive. I would not be able to do much if I was only using my left hand for tying. The right does most of the work.

  2. Emily

    Great questions – and answers again this week Katy :)

    Love the new blog home!

    I love that your outfit shots are always in different locations – makes me feel I need to try harder!!

    Happy Friday :)
    Emily recently posted..Ladies Who Lunch

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Thanks Emily. I try to vary the locations, but even I feel like they are often the same old same old. I like variety.

  3. the other emily

    It’s my very first FBFF post! Great questions this week. I have to say, looking for a spot to rest a camera is a real challenge! I started out last summer using my little point-and-shoot and a particular bookcase, but I’ve since gotten my sweet SO to be my regular photographer.

    For those who do take their own pics with smaller cameras, I’d really recommend investing in a Gorillapod – they’re pretty inexpensive, and small enough to fit in a purse when you’re on the go. Plus the flexible legs will let you wrap them around a tree, post, park bench, turning almost anything into a stable tripod for shooting.
    the other emily
    the other emily recently posted..fbff

  4. Collette Osuna

    Hi Katy…I think your photos always look great! I would have never known they were taken with a compact camera…..!!! I agree on finding better locations…I need to do that as well, right now there is NO daylight for me to do so:(
    Your blog is looking awesome!! Love the new header:)

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      On the bright side there is starting to be more sunlight. I used to have to make sure I got pics before 4pm otherwise try to find an indoor spot, now I’ve got a little more time. Although with all the snow everything outside is difficult.

  5. Melissa

    Your photos are great, I would’ve thought you were using a more expensive camera! :) That gives me hope since I won’t be able to afford a great one.

    I’m extremely jealous that you have a Macbook Pro. WANT!

    These are great questions, I’m really excited to read everyone’s answers!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I really believe that good photos are more a product of location and knowing your device than they are about having an amazing camera with a million gadgets.

  6. Hope

    I really am excited to read the answers to these questions and I love your photos! It gives me hope that mine can be better (I use a point and shoot too). :)

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Thanks! It’s just something that I’ve really worked at over the last year, determined to make the photos look good even if I am using an old semi-broken camera.

  7. No Guilt Fashion

    Great questions Katy. You are super brave to just balance your camera on things. Love the switch to WordPeess.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      LOL I don’t know if it is super brave or just desperate to take the photos and be done quickly. Setting up a tripod scares me a little, so many people could come along and be like… what the heck is that crazy girl doing?!

  8. No Guilt Fashion

    Great questions Katy. You are super brave to just balance your camera on things. Love the switch to WordPress.

  9. Displaced Urbanite

    I love your different photo backgrounds. I so wish I had more time to look for cool locations (because there are a ton in the city I live in). I also wish it was warmer outside so if I found this elusive time to look for locations, I wouldn’t be freezing or tromping through snow while looking! Good round of questions, too. It’s fun to learn about how other bloggers go about their blogging business.

    PS- I am jealous of your MacBook.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I have a couple places I use as an easy shot. Two right outside my back door, one on the way to the bank. So then I just plan accordingly. If I have to run an errand I take the camera along and try to find a new spot along my walk to the drugstore or bank. So far it’s turned out to land me a couple great locations that I can return to later as well.

  10. The Fashion Brat

    Hey Katy great answers as always I am very impressed that you use a compact camera and your location choices for photographs give your images that extra something so I will be definitely be taking a leaf from your book.

    oh I too love your new header

    Hannah x

  11. Lisa D.

    SO glad I’m not the only one that’s been using the balancing-the-camera-to-use-the-self-timer trick. Does your camera have a custom timer? Mine does, and I have it set to take 10 photos at a time, which makes it go by much quicker. It’s funny — now that I have the new camera (I got a Nikon D3100), I’m still SO much more comfortable taking my outfit shots with the point and shoot because it’s easy. Still getting used to the Nikon. Great questions this week!

    Lisa D. recently posted..Friend Friday- Blogger Mechanics @ the Beach

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      No custom timer, although I think that would be something that I must have when I replace the current one. To be able to take a number of shots in one standing instead of running back and forth would really help a lot. Gotta keep my eyes open for that.

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  13. Sara

    Such great, detailed, helpful answers, Katy! I think it’s really awesome that you’ve come to understand what you need from a photo spot. That’s such great information for beginners or for those of us who shoot our shots indoors and want to move outside for pictures — it takes time to get a system down, but keeping at it helps with quality and time management. Thanks for another great group of questions and answers!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Thanks. It was a lot of trial and error on my part, but after sifting through so many photos and trying to figure out why something didn’t work, I’ve come up with some great musts that will turn out a good photo nine times out of ten.

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  15. Roisin

    These were great questions, and interesting to read the answers! I definitely want to get more interesting locations in as the weather improves – I live in a beautiful area and my boyfriend takes my photos, and he’s keen to get out and about a bit more too. Looking at other people’s blogs is such an inspiration!
    Roisin recently posted..Friend Friday- Blogging Mechanics

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      You are lucky to have a bf who is willing to take your pics and will scout locations with you. If I were you I would take advantage of that.

  16. Cara

    I am so surprised that you’re using a p&s with self timer and no tripod! Based on your pictures, I was sure you were using either a DSLR with a person behind it, or at least a tripod and remote! It simultaneously makes me feel confident that I’m not one of the few with the “subpar camera” bloggers out there, but at the same time makes me realize I’ve got a lot of learning to do with how to make the most of the camera I have!
    Cara recently posted..Friend Friday – Behind the Scenes

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Good to know the pictures look more professional than they really are. I don’t want them to look like I’m using a beyond-basic camera.

  17. Erica

    I too have to get a new camera…and a better way of getting good photos :) I agree with you on a lot of points.

  18. Sorren

    I’m so excited to go through and see how everyone else does it! I suppose that will have to wait until after work though….

    happy friend friday!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      The snow is unbelievable in this city, especially since there is no where for it to go so it is just piling up along street edges. So funny to see. This place is like a frozen tundra.

  19. Colleen

    Do you ever think of getting a tripod so your camera has to balance yet? I don’t mean a big one. I have 2 little ones that I never used. But one had those bendable things and I used it once wrapping the tripod around tree branches. We took good anniversary photos that way a few years ago.

    I fear daily that I will drop my camera and break it. That’s a mean reason I don’t even really leave the house with my good camera…. so what’s the point of having it I always ask myself.
    Colleen recently posted..A Days Worth of Twitter

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I always think about a tripod and I have a really big one from work that I use for some indoor shots. But the tripod hasn’t been something I’ve given much thought to since I am pretty good at balancing the camera and I try to get it done quickly to avoid the stares. I know I should look into it though. Thanks for the suggestion.

  20. EvaNadine

    glad to know im not the only one who has a lack of real technology when it comes to taking, editing, and posting pictures! id love to know more or to have the money for better equipment/technology, but i try to make the best with what ive got!

  21. Alex Elizabeth

    Ahh I totally understand not wanting people around staring! It’s easier if you have a photographer, but I don’t and I’m always afraid someone will run into the camera or knock it over. I live in the suburbs where style blogging is kind of unusual so cars slow down and people stare at me quizzically all the time, especially the neighbors! They probably think I’m some kind of weirdo freak hahaa

    I don’t know if you’re thinking about getting a tripod, but I thought I’d let you know I got a tiny lightweight one from Amazon for $12, it folds really small and weighs about a pound so it’s really easy to carry around!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      LOL It’s true. I was just thinking I take more outdoor shots now that I live in the city than I did when I lived in the burbs. Too many people always around and watching. In the city people are in too much of a hurry to pay attention, I still try to be quick and discreet.

  22. Emmy

    I am new to blogging so these questions were very helpful to me to see what I need to be doing! First on my list was an upgrade of my camera…My new Nikon will be arriving soon…I love seeing what other people use and their process. It is all so inspiring!
    Emmy recently posted..Friend Friday- Blogger Mechanics

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      How exciting. I always love the first week of owning a new piece of technology. It’s always exciting to test everything out, see what amazing things it can do, compare it to the old version it’s replacing. Such fun!

  23. joann,sidewalk chic

    This was pretty fantastic to read — I love reading the technical aspects of what people use for their blogs.

    As for photo locations, I’m kind of the same way about being able to do it discreetly. It’s so hard to take photos when there’s a crowd around …

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      So true! You always have the cutest backdrops – especially the one by the little pond, etc…

  24. annie

    Also, thanks for you comment the other week. I did respond about blog authentically.

    I guess that I think it is more like a desired lifestyle. Like blogging about expensive clothing when you don’t have money. Or blogging about the runway fashion when you have never been to a runway. I don’t blog like this, but I don’t personally see a problem with it.

    But I do think comments should be sincere and honest.
    annie recently posted..Friend Friday- Picture Process

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Just be careful to find a very stable surface. I’ve learned the hard way that rounded railings do not make for good pseudo-tripod.

  25. Krystal

    I’m new to the whole fashion blogging world… i’ve been sucked in by Kendi Everyday and started with the Fall 30 for 30 Remix idea. I came across a few bloggers that use your Friend Friday questions and I think it’s an excellent gesture! I may just have to join in!
    Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself as a new follower :) I can’t see most of your posts because of my work security settings but I’ll be sure to look for more when I get to my home PC.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Thanks for following ModlyChic and feel free to join the FBFF group. We are growing by the day and there is a lot of great information exchanged behind the scenes.

  26. Kelly

    I’m always surprised when people do so much blogging on their phones. I have a Droid 2 and I love it but I hattteeeee leaving comments with it because it takes me 50x longer than using the computer. I just star posts I want to comment on and come back to them when I’m on a laptop!
    Kelly recently posted..Friend Friday- Blogger Mechanics

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Interesting. I do a lot of comment reading for my blog and then responding back to readers on the phone. But I don’t spend too much time reading actual blogs on it because everything is just too tiny to see it in all its glory.

  27. Sarah

    It sounds like you are completely plugged in with those five email addresses. I am an old school phone user but I hear more and more people using their smartphones to connect with blogs, especially through this week’s post.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Yeah, the phone is a lifesaver. Two work accounts, a personal account, a blog account and a freelance account all have me scrambling some days. But to have everything easily accessible on one device is a lifesaver.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      LOL. Well if you move into the city itself it is at least easy to get around in. You just pull on your snow boots (Or rain boots like I do) and trudge through it. The streets get plowed and most of the sidewalks are shoveled by the morning commute. And if it is really intense schools and offices call off – which is never a bad thing.

  28. Bethy

    I dig these questions. I’m about to go through and read lots of answers! I like getting an insight into the process other bloggers go through.

  29. monique

    oops sorry, i didn’t mean to double-link my post. i thought it didn’t work the first time. if you’re able to delete one, feel free. not trying to hog the spotlight!! (mine are ‘monique’ AND ‘yoga & pencil skirts.’ thanks!
    monique recently posted..friend friday

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      No problem. I can go through and delete one of the links. Sometimes it takes a few minutes before it shows up on the list.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Feel free to re-post the correct link and I can go in later and delete the first one.

  30. Melanie

    I just added my link.
    I am such a technophobe, but from reading a few other FBFF posts about this today it seems like you don’t have to be a techno-genius to have a decent looking blog.
    Melanie recently posted..FBFF- Technology

  31. amanda.

    5 emails accounts?! i feel better knowing i’m not the only one – and i never would have guessed you don’t use a tripod. practice makes perfect, right? also, wow, over a hundred links – i’m looking forward to reading through them tonight after work! you’ve done a great job with this group, so thank you for that.

  32. Krystle

    I am so excited to browse everyone’s posts this week!! This is a great topic!! Way to go! Also, you were more detailed on your description, but it sounds like we are similar in our photo-taking routine. :)
    Krystle recently posted..FBFF Photos

  33. Elizabeth

    What a fun list of questions! As a new blogger I find it so fascinating to learn what technology other bloggers are using. It’s especially encouraging to discover that a lot of people are working with the same basic tools as I am and are able to produce great photos and fun blogs — it gives me hope that I’ll get there someday!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      It’s all about the practice you put in. There is nothing like doing it over and over again to get it right and now what works best for you and your blog.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Welcome to the group! I think photos play a HUGE role in the success of a blog but that is not the only thing that plays into the greatness of blogs.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      That’s good to hear! I tried to make it as seamless as possible so that readers wouldn’t have to do anything differently and would still be able to find my blog.

  34. Style Underdog

    OK, that was cool. After reading all the other post I feel like a rookie. LOL. Thanks for doing the FBFF project. I’m glad to be part of it.
    p.s. Love the changes to your blog

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Nonsense! Your blog is great. We are all at different levels but you are worlds ahead of where I was when I was starting off. Thanks for participating.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      I know 60 inches with more coming this week. Maybe I need to start hunting thrift shops to find a little discreet tripod. The bulky ones are just so not my style.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Yeah the cold weather and piles of snow has made it nearly impossible to be outside these days. I tried it the other day and got insane looks from this guy digging his car out and the crew of men plowing the nearby driveways. Oh well.

  35. JTwisdom

    Wow, like so many others have said that camera really takes good pictures that you use. And you do not use a tripod or another person kudos to you.
    Congratulations Katie on making the move to WordPress! Don’t forget to add a Favicon to your blog.
    It’s really neat to see all the different resources bloggers use for their cool posts. Pretty awesome I say.

    JTwisdom recently posted..Lights! Camera! Action!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      JT – I need to look into so many widgets and plug-ins. There should be blog posts with suggestions… there are just so many out there. I’ll look into favicon this weekend. Thanks for the suggestion.

  36. Karmatir

    This weeks questions actually made me want to participate (especially since I am not a daily outfit blogger – though I keep getting closer to that and might be one day once I figure it out). Awesome questions!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      so glad you decided to participate this week. Hopefully there will be more topics in the future that you are up to answering and that work with your blog.

  37. Star

    Great questions this week Katy! I’m impressed that you don’t use a tripod for most of your photos. I have one and it’s gathering dust lol

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      Yeah, I have a huge one but that is WAY too cumbersome to take out with me into the streets and still be discreet. What can I say, I’ve gotten really good at finding a built-in camera stand on the streets.

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      There are a lot of great responses and so many inspirational ideas for taking better photos and technology to look into if any of us are looking to upgrade soon.

  38. Heather

    Very cool to see everyone’s answers on this one. I don’t mind being pretty low tech, but I do think it’s about time for me to invest in a tripod- it’s nice to know that I can be creative on finding a spot to balance my camera, but I worry about how many more spills it can take!

    1. katy_rose1 Post author

      A tripod is what I think I need to invest in too. It’s beginning to get a little ridiculous to photograph so much without it.

  39. Sherry Jarwin

    I messed up the first couple of times I submitted. SO now I have 3 posts… You can remove them or just ignore them! SORRY! Still learning… and learning a lot from this forum. Thank you! Cheers! GDO

  40. Charlotte

    Hey Katie!!
    Thanks for your comment on my post!!
    I personally wasn’t a fan of the Gorillapod. I found it really hard to find something it could anchor to, and it really depends on the weight of your camera too.
    I found when I got a real tripod (which believe me, wasn’t that expensive and was just from amazon) I had so much more freedom. I could put it wherever I wanted, bend it, move it around. Especially as I have a DSLR now- a gorillapod would never have coped with the weight of my canon beast!!
    That’s my experience anyway!! Let me know if you need any more advice on looking for a tripod :]]

    Charlotte xx
    Charlotte recently posted..Shes a Rebel

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  43. Lon Deischer

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  44. Kathy

    Thanks for that great tip about standing next to something so that the camera can focus. My pictures have been annoyingly fuzzy. There is definitely a learning curve. But how fun is this process! Love your blog.

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  46. Yin

    OMG I fee like I should have started blogging and found your blog ages ago! I’ve been reading through all your Blog 101 posts in the past few days and there is SO MUCH information. I feel like I’ve hit the game so late!
    Either way your doing a great job. Keep it up :)

    P.S. how do you feel about posting comments late? like on much older posts.
    Yin recently posted..Damn Melbourne Weather

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