Travel Perfume, Sephora Style

As I was gearing up for all my summer travels I ran to Sephora to grab a new powder concealer. While waiting to check out I was standing next to a case that contained mini tubes of perfume. What a novel concept!

I like wearing perfume in small doses but I do feel the scent is usually gone by the middle of the day, and in the summer that is just about the time you wish a little fresh scent would kick in. These little perfume tubes are perfect for the bottom of your purse. They are completely travel-worthy.I purchased Stella by Stella McCartney. It’s a new scent for me and I am loving it. The perfume rolls on and is easy to apply while on the run. Just roll the end over your wrist and ta-da. And the best is that the .33 fl oz was only $20.

There are a number of other scents that come in this small portable package. Other options include: Viva La Juicy, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors Very Hollywood, Kat Von D Saint, and Vera Wang Princess. To see all the scents sold at Sephora, search ‘rollerball’ on the company’s site.

Katy Rose
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5 thoughts on “Travel Perfume, Sephora Style

  1. Casee Marie

    I've never seen these before! Fantastic. I wear Viva La Juicy and love it so much. Having a little travel-sized tube would be such an extra treat!

  2. rastagalNJ

    Thank you for this post! I had been searching for a travel friendly perfume and most of the solids were not doign it for me. I went out to Sephora yesterday and snagged me some Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. also feeling your latest post, as a new fashion blogger I feel like that often but I am trucking on and hopefully others will come with me.

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